FitDog Friday Blog Hop 4-5-13

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FitDog Friday Blog Hop is FINALLY Here. We are so excited to be hosting this Blog Hop with our friend Peggy Frezon from Peggy’s Pet Place.

Why we started the FitDog Friday Blog Hop

The reason we started this Blog Hop is to raise awareness about the importance of having a fit & healthy dog. Nutrition, fitness, and weight all play a critical role in your pet’s longevity and quality of life – just as it does for your own  longevity and life quality.

Indeed, the Purina Study showed that lean dogs can live almost 2 years longer than their overweight siblings.  So what are we waiting for people?  Let’s get our dogs fit and have some fun while we are at it.

We write a lot about health & fitness on our blog so it was a natural extension to create the Blog Hop with Peggy, who went on a successful weight loss journey with her rescue dog Kelly, who spurred her to action.

We also wanted to enlist and leverage the great community of dog lovers to help us spread the word so that we can ban together and become a nation of Fit, not Fat, dogs (and people)! As we have written about in the past, having an overweight dog can cost more than shorter life spans and quality of life; we estimate the it costs $6-8 billion dollars each year in extra food, medicine, vet visits and surgeries for our ~40 million overweight dogs.

Yes, frisbee fetching is exercise!

Yes, frisbee fetching is exercise!

With our blogger participants and their faithful readers all participating in the FitDog Friday hop, and as we all collectively start evangelizing about dog health & fitness by writing about it, posting pictures of our dogs being fit and exercising, and sharing our dog’s workout successes, our message will be heard!  We also believe that as we gain momentum and participants (bloggers and readers both), and as our critical mass of people working in concert to get and keep their dogs fit and healthy grows, our story can gain prominence and it could really steamroll into something amazing.  Please join us and lets get hundreds, if not thousands of dogs on their way to being “slim doggies” not chubby puppies.

We will continue to focus our blog on pet health & fitness.  Each Friday, we will have a special post or photo (or both) for the FitDog Blog Hop. Please join us and share your experiences with your dogs – or share photos of your dog running, jumping, swimming or just playing – it’s all exercise.  If you want to track your dog’s calorie burns and feedings, request a free SlimDoggy App here.  We are offering a limited number of free copies to FitDog Friday participants.

We are also having a drawing from our participants for special SlimDoggy or Dieting with my Dog prizes…so be sure to join the Hop. Remember, you can link to a blog post, a photo, whatever you’d like that demonstrates your efforts to keep your dog FIT!

If you are a reader, please share your stories, successes, or if using the SlimDoggy App, your dog’s calorie burn from exercise  in your blogger’s comment section.  Who knows, your pet may become a featured FitDog in a future post.

Thanks for being a part of FitDog Friday!  Remember to support and visit the blogs of our fellow Blog Hoppers. Together, we can make an impact.


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  1. Woof! Woof! Golden Happy to join FitDog hop. As a senior dog, being fit and healthy is very important. Lots of Golden Thanks again for the SlimDoggy app. Lots of Golden woofs, Sugar
    SUGAR: Golden Woofs recently posted…On Track Tweaking My Beach Body With SlimDoggyMy Profile

    • You look ready for the beach! Thanks for joining the Hop!

  2. Slimdoggy, thanks for hosting this awesome blog hop! Luna and I are excited to be a part of it!
    Beagles and Bargains recently posted…FitDog Friday: Luna is Ready to Run!My Profile

    • Luna, welcome to the Blog Hop – glad you joined us. Running is great exercise!
      slimdog recently posted…FitDog Friday Blog HopMy Profile

  3. Thanks so much for putting together and co-hosting such an amazing blog hop SlimDoggy! The more people that think about and act upon the idea of pet obesity, the better it will be for all the dogs and cats! 🙂

    • Goose, thanks for joining us! We agree – let’s get the word out and help our animal friends get fit.
      slimdog recently posted…FitDog Friday Blog HopMy Profile

  4. Giz & I did 30/30 in January, Idita-Walk for Feb & March and now we’re looking for more…including K9 Kamp as soon as it opens and co-hosting Park Day…Fit dogs + Fit moms = more fun for all
    GizmoGeodog recently posted…Butterfly Puzzle Solved on Follow-Up FridayMy Profile

    • Gizmo, Excellent…I can understand why you are in such good shape. Keep it up, you are an inspiration.
      slimdog recently posted…FitDog Friday Blog HopMy Profile

  5. Oh what a great idea for a blog hop., will have to think of something for next friday!

    • Kirby, Thanks for joining us. A picture is worth a thousand words – show us how you keep fit.
      slimdog recently posted…FitDog Friday Blog HopMy Profile

  6. Thanks for hosting the FitDog Friday blog hop and helping raise awareness of this VERY important dog health issue!
    Garth Riley recently posted…FitDog FridayMy Profile

    • Thanks for joining us Garth. We hope that working together we can get the word out and help all those chubby puppies out there!
      slimdog recently posted…FitDog Friday Blog HopMy Profile

  7. We are huge hiking and walking fans. Well,I’m not huge, only 7 1/5 lbs. We love it though. Thanks for the hop.
    Roxy the traveling dog recently posted…FitDog Friday blog hopMy Profile

  8. Enjoying BlogHop, Maddie and I are getting in shape!

    • Good for you Ter & Maddie! Keep it up – lots of good tips at our Hoppers posts!
      slimdog recently posted…FitDog Friday Blog HopMy Profile

  9. Hey Slimdoggy here we are on our first FitDog Friday blog hop! Great seeing all these friends committed to keeping their dogs fit and trim as well. 🙂
    Peggy Frezon recently posted…FitDog Friday- How to Get More out of Your Walks TogetherMy Profile

    • I KNOW – we love it – lots of good tips too! As we like to say: Get off your butt, workout with your Mutt!

  10. Oh, this sounds like a fun blog hop! I will have to join in next Friday, as I am not prepared for today. BOL And you are offering the SlimDoggy app for free?!? We had already looked at it but didn’t buy it yet (Ma is cheap…she says we need to watch our green papers).
    *high paws*

    Oh…and I bet you will have a Limerick coming your way very soon. There were so many, I had to go into April. BOL
    Oz the Terrier recently posted…March-ing Out the Limericks (in April): AlfieMy Profile

  11. Joining the fitdog blog hop! Talking about how Avery moved off kibble and onto a real foods diet. Thanks!
    Andrea recently posted…Avery At Oskar BluesMy Profile

  12. OMD, I was so there when I heard about Slimdoggy, but found that it’s only available on the iphone and we have a Droid. Sounds like a great program, though! We work hard on staying fit, so we’ll join in next week, without the app….
    Sage recently posted…Friday Wrap-Up–A Must Read!!My Profile

    • I know, so sad we don’t have the Android yet 🙁
      We are working on it – been a bit of a delay – but should be released soon (I hope).

  13. Great blog hop for Friday. Nice to meet you and I have a chubby doggie that is on a diet. Any way to follow your blog or get email updates? What do I have to do for next Fridays blog hop? Do I write a blog on my own site and add your badge? I’m so new to this blogging and hopping. Thanks!

    • Welcome! Glad to have you on the Hop. It’s real easy to join the Hop and being a part of it will introduce you to lots of your fellow pet bloggers. Here’s an article from BlogPaws that might help: To join next Friday, just link up from our site to a post on your site – your post can be about anything related to keeping your dogs healthy or fit (and with retrievers I bet you do a LOT) or it can be a picture of them. Once you’ve joined, you can add the Hop to your post and get new visitors to your blog! All while we talk fit & healthy pets.

  14. Love this idea! We need to jump on in and join the hop!
    Diane and Rocco

    • Don’t say it, play it! Join up and help us get our dogs in shape for the summer.

      Thanks for participating!

  15. Thankss for starting this hop. We’re glad to be in “on the ground floor!” Not sure we’ll be able to hop along every Friday, but we’ll try to join when we can!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…FitDog Friday: Kale – Good For You & Your PupMy Profile

    • Glad to have you, join whenever you can! We’ll be here promoting health and fitness for our pets!

  16. We have really enjoyed reading all the posts in this blog hop and being a part of it. Thank you and keep up the good, fit dog work!
    Bethany recently posted…Fit Dog Friday Featuring Huxley: Runner, Walker, Hiker & Agility DogMy Profile

    • Glad to have you as part of the Hop too! Huxley is looking fit & fine!

  17. What a cool idea for a blog hop! I hope there are lots of good suggestions and stories that come out of it!
    houndstooth recently posted…Planning On Doing It BigMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by. We already learned some great tips and advice from today’s hoppers…check them out and add you own!

  18. My human mommy and I think this is such a great idea for a blog hop! We enjoy daily (sometimes twice daily) walks and watch what I eat because I have hip and elbow dysplasia and my veterinarians say exercise and weight control are keys to keeping me healthy . . . and because we love spending time together. You’ll see us on your blog hop soon!
    Miss Harper Lee recently posted…Black and White Sunday: Peekaboo in PearlsMy Profile

    • So glad you ar e going to join us. You are so right about the importance of keeping your weight under contour, especially with ortho issues! Good for you.

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