Exercise is Magic- Part 3- Plotting a Course for Angel’s Weight Loss

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In our previous installment of this series we talked about Danny, the high energy foster that really needed some exercise.  Today, we will focus on Angel, his mellow and overweight counterpart.

First Impressions

Angel Getting UpAs mentioned in our introduction piece, Angel is an approximately 8 year old black lab rescue. Angel was basically emaciated when she was originally rescued–weighing in at under 50 lbs. But her weight has ballooned over the past several months as she has been eating more than she needs, likely an overcompensation by the foster family, and now she needs to lose 8-10 lbs.

She has some moderate arthritis which is being treated with meds and supplements.  Her arthritis, at least for now, limits her activities to low intensity activities like walking which she absolutely loves.  Note- we recommend that Angel sees her vet to confirm her target weight and also  to get weighed every 3 weeks so her family can track her progress.


The Plan

We used the SlimDoggy app and database to get a handle on Angel’s food consumption relative to her activity levels and target weight.  The results speak for themselves:

  • At her current activity levels and target weight of about 60 lbs., Angel requires about  875-900 calories per day.
  • Angel is walking for about 30 minutes per day, 5 times per week at a slow pace  This translates into an average daily calorie burn of about 45 calories per day from exercise.
  • Angel is currently being fed around 950 calories + per day.
  • Angel needs to be fed less than 875-900 calories per day until she reaches her target weight.
  • As Angel’s arthritic condition improves, she may be able to increase the intensity of her exercise sessions which could speed the weight loss process without having to reduce her feedings any further.  Again, we recommend checking with her vet before attempting a change in exercise intensity.

You can view Angel’s (condensed) profile here: http://slimdoggy.com/profile_angel.pdf

Here are a few shots of Angel’s profile and data in the SlimDoggy app.


angelapp2 angelapp3

Progress Made?

Angel’s progress should be slow and steady if her foster family sticks to the feeding guidelines.  We should notice a change in her body composition in 4-6 weeks (based on the gradual pace of weight reduction).  We might notice a slight “spring in her step” sooner as her body, and her arthritic joints in particular,  will react quickly to even minor (e.g. ounces) reductions in her weight.

We will keep you posted on Angel’s progress for as long as we can (as long as she remains at her foster home).  In her case, slow and steady wins the race.

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