Exercise as Magic – Update on Angel

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We recently wrote about our volunteer work with a local dog rescue and how we help foster families deal with hyper-active dogs, by exercising them, and over weight dogs by providing feeding consultations.


In our last post in that series, we spoke about Angel, the Black Lab that was weighing in at around 70 lbs., which is about 10 lbs. too much!  We were so very pleased to receive an email from Carol, the foster mom about Angel’s progress.  Here it is below:



Needless to say, this is good news.  Angel is on her way to a healthier weight.  Because Angel has bad arthritis and a bad hip, she is not allowed to run and is limited to low impact exercises like walking.  So for her, proper diet is the key to her weight loss journey.  Once  Carol focused on a maximum daily calorie target, and  therefore eliminated the extra treats, Angel’s weight began to change.  I can also tell you that, having visited her earlier today, there is most definitely a new found bounce in her step.  She is now happily romping in the backyard, something she never used to do, and acting like a dog 1/2 her age!

There are a lot of factors that contribute to weight loss (and weight gain) and your dog’s individual progress will vary.  As long as your are diligent about the amount of food you serve– keeping it in line with the amount of your dog’s exercise activities– you will be able to get your dog to a healthy weight and keep them there.

We will keep you posted as we get more updates and plan on sharing an “after” photo of Angel  when she reaches her target weight.  Great job Angel, Ken, and Carol!  Keep it up!



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