Dogs should ride shotgun: vehicle safety for dogs in California

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dog seatbelt2

Seatbelt for back of SUV

Although not in our ‘wheelhouse’ as far as topics are concerned, this piece from is worth a read.

Dogs should ride shotgun: vehicle safety for dogs in California.

I don’t see a lot of cases where a dog is riding in the back of a pickup, but when I do, I always wonder how safe they are.

Author Jen deHaan offers some good advice as well as references to CA state law.  Here is a snippet of her advice:

A safer option is to safely secure a crate or “dog box” to the bed of the truck for your dog. Consider choosing a crate that is as enclosed as possible, to protect your dog from windchill and blowing debris (that could harm eyes and ears), while providing enough ventilation and shade for hot days.

Better to be safe than sorry.

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  1. I have seen do riding in the backs of trucj and it always concerns for the dog saftey. I agree dogs should rid in the car.
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