Dogs and Words

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My Dog is Smarter than Your …….jackonphone2

Ever wonder if your dog understands what you are saying when you talk to him/her?  Unfortunately, they do not understand when you tell them that you won or lost a deal, got a great report card, or dented up your new car!  But they can and do understand a limited amount of words and phrases.  Read this to learn how dogs hear and interpret your words.


One interesting point in this piece is how important tone of voice is when communicating with your pet.  I learned about this first hand when we adopted Jack (our inspiration for SlimDoggy).  He had many behavioral issues but it seemed like he wanted to please.  So we used deeper, rougher tones when communicating “No!” or “Bad” and higher pitched, more pleasant tones when communicating “Yes!” or “Good”.  And it worked!   Simple for him to understand and simple for us to execute.  Try it yourself!


I also find the German study featuring Rico the Boarder Collie to be fascinating.  Here is an excerpt:  Rico was asked to retrieve toys from another room by name. When an unfamiliar toy was placed in the room and Rico was asked to retrieve the toy by giving him an unfamiliar word, he retrieved the correct toy, indicating that he understood the unfamiliar word referred to the unfamiliar toy by eliminating the toys he knew by name. Later, when more unfamiliar toys were added and he was asked to retrieve the toy with the new word he had been given, he correctly retrieved the new toy again, showing that he had already learned the new word and associated it with the new toy.


Cool stuff!


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