DOGA – Yoga for Dogs?

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We’ve all seen some of those funny YouTube videos showing a dog doing some basic yoga poses. Heck, a couple of our favorite yoga poses are named after stretches that dogs do.


We are all probably familiar with yoga and the benefits it can bring your health and well being. I have practiced Bikram Yoga for almost 6 years now and love the feeling of strength and sense of calm it brings to me. But can yoga actually help our pets in the same manner it helps humans?
Doga has become a new activity you can do with your dog. While dogs can’t actually do most of the normal yoga poses (with a few exceptions), they can benefit from the stretching, massage and calming energy typical of a yoga session. It can also improve your bond with your dog by building trust.
I found this great infographic that explains some of the benefits of Doga as well as provides some instructions on different poses you can try.

How about you – would you do Doga?

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  1. I’ve got a dvd once and we tried it, sadly the silvermistygrey missile was not interested in doga :o) (I also got a dvd dancing with dogs, but that’s more a topic for mischief monday lol)
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog MISCHIEF MO(A)NDAYMy Profile

  2. We did Doga before it had a name.
    jan recently posted…The life, the dogs, and the macabre death of Mary Queen of ScotsMy Profile

  3. I’ll have to look at the infographic on my laptop b/c this little phone screen makes it impossible for me to see.

  4. Eko and Penny prefer to play “King of the Mat” anytime I get it out for stretching. It’s a battle between the three of us for who actually gets to use the mat. I always lost so I just bought a second mat.

  5. I recently started meditating and use the Heart to Hound Mudra as I begin.
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…BFTB NETWoof Dog News April 4, 2016My Profile

  6. Not for ys. Mom isn’t into yoga at all.

  7. Laying a yoga mat out is like an engraved invitation for a certain set of paws to take up space on it. As you can imagine, my yoga sessions are sadly too few and far in between because of having to share the space. Maybe I ought to just put a mat out for Sam and one for me so I can still do sun salutations. 🙂

  8. Looks like man would have other ideas, hubba hubba
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…And Then There Were ThreeMy Profile

  9. Great infographic. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Leslie recently posted…What to Do Before Getting a Puppy!My Profile

  10. Our daughter used to take Harley when we lived in the DC area. I need to find a place here in SC, I think Jax could benefit from it – relaxing techniques LOL

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