Dog Myths

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SlimDoggy has had a long standing series on dog myths called Mythbusters. We’ve addressed all sorts of different dog myths from Dogs and cats hating each other to dogs being colorblind.
Today, I wanted to take a mythbusting look at BREED myths. Many different breeds have myths associated with their behavior, appearance or temperament. The most common is probably that Pit Bulls are aggressive. I’m not agreeing with that myth, I’m just saying it’s a commonly held misconception. Pit Bulls are no more aggressive than any other breed of dog and Pit Bull advocates work long and tirelessly to dispel that myth.
How about some other dog myths? Which of these have you heard and believe?
When I was choosing my first dog as an adult, I asked my grandfather for advice. Since he raised collies most of his life, I assumed he would recommend a collie, so he surprised me when he told me to get an Airedale. When questioned about it, he told me that “an Airedale is the only dog that will attack a bear”. While that was an interesting criteria for pet selection, I hardly thought it necessary seeing I lived in a well populated urban area in Syracuse, NY. We ended up getting a Labrador. I never saw or read of any evidence to support his claim, and after viewing this video, I would have to say it was a myth.


Another commonly held belief is that all Labradors love the water and love to swim. Our Jack easily dispels that belief as he is quite adverse to swimming and manages to do it only under duress. He’s much more content to wander the shoreline than to step foot in the water.

How about the idea that all dogs are great at playing fetch…
Uh, nope…


How about you – what dog breed myths have you heard and do you believe them?


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  1. maybe it was the french bark-accent what chased that bears away? my grampy always loved german shepherd dogs, he said that are the best body guards ever. Till a woman freaked out in the visitors room of the jail where my grampy worked that time. She attacked him with an umbrella stand while his K9 sat next to him and watched that fight….
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog THRRILLING THURSDAYMy Profile

    • Maybe he thought your grampy deserved it 😉
      mkob recently posted…Dog MythsMy Profile

    • Maybe he thought your grampy deserved it 😉
      mkob recently posted…Dog MythsMy Profile

  2. There are so so so many myths about Siberian Huskies, it’s just ridiculous!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…Introducing: Hill’s® Science Diet® Urinary And Hairball Control Cat FoodMy Profile

  3. I think it’s very easy for opinions, fact, fantasy and breed guidelines to get rolled up into myth. Unfortunately it’s much easier to make those myths than dispel them.

  4. Since Bentley joined our family I hear that Bassets are fat, lazy, and/or stupid. All of these are myths. They do enjoy their sleep but are only fat and lazy if the humans allow them to get that way. Bentley has a ton of energy and loves to run and play. He is definitely NOT stupid. He is a very independent thinker, a.k.a. stubborn! #NotAMyth LOL!
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…Where is the Halloween Fun?My Profile

  5. Dog fetch fails. LOL!! Daisy was a lab mix who didn’t like the water at all. I have heard it all about Pit Bulls and it makes me so sad. I think they might have tendencies but so many other factors make them who they are.
    Julie recently posted…Sweet StanMy Profile

  6. Ziva is scared of frisbees, LoL. Pit bull type dogs have too many myths to mention. 🙂
    DZ Dogs recently posted…Happy National Cat Day!My Profile

  7. We know the bear thing is false as Kuvasz go after bears all the time in the wild.
    Emma recently posted…My Trick, Your Treat! #TrickorTreatDogsMy Profile

  8. Exactly. We try not to stereotype people and we shouldn’t with dog breeds either. It’s very lazy and often leads to very wrong conclusions.
    Darrin recently posted…National Black Cat DayMy Profile

  9. that’s a interesting airdale myth. My friends lab doesn’t like water either, they live with a pond in their front yard, he is 3 years old and never been in it. But I think it was more that he was trained not to go in it so he doesn’t have a interest in it.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Exercise Is Always Better With A SisterMy Profile

  10. I would not say those are myths exactly. Not the way I understand as a myth at least. A lab not loving water may be the result of a scare when the dog first encountered water, being trained not to go into it, or poor selective breeding. In my opinion even though a dog is a purebred dog, unless you know the dogs behind it, you have no way of knowing what traits were passed on. Pit Bulls are not a breed per say, but unfortunately many have been bred based on their aggressiveness so I think that it where it comes from and unfortunately at times it is true. I know Pit Bull advocates may say oh on, but it can be true for even the most mild breed. Bad temperaments can beget a bad temperament.
    2 Brown Dawgs recently posted…Halloween EveMy Profile

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