Does Your Dog Like to Travel?

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We are not a big traveling family. We’ve traveled so much for work over the years, getting to stay home is a luxury. Plus, with two “large” dogs, traveling can be a challenge. I am uncomfortable with putting the dogs in the cargo hold on a plane, so that limits travel to places we can easily drive to.
Does your dog like to travel
Ten-fifteen years ago when we had Sally and Tino, we could be much more adventurous. They were both young enough to endure long car rides and confident enough to enjoy anything new. We spent a lot of time in Palm Desert where my parents had a home and explored miles and miles of hiking trails in the area. We spent lots of time at various beaches in CA with them and many trips to Big Bear to hike and fish and swim. Sally and Tino loved every minute of our trips. But Maggie is still skittish and exposing her to new places can be a frightening experience for her. She loves swimming in the lake and hiking in the woods, but finding a “safe zone” in an unfamiliar house is a challenge. I hate to see her stressed like that, so our traveling is limited.

With the vacation season upon us, I thought it would be a good time to revisit some of the helpful posts we’ve written about traveling with your pups:
Preventing Motion Sickness in your Dog: One of the key things to be aware of, especially if you are driving is preventing car sickness. We’re lucky than none of our dogs have ever suffered from it, but it can be a real problem. We offer some tips on recognizing the signs and preventing it.
Vacation Safety: Keeping your pups and yourselves safe is critical when you are far from home and your own veterinarian. Read this for a long list of helpful tips.
Staycationing with your Dog: If you are like us and aren’t thrilled about the idea of traveling, check out our post on “staycationing” for lots of ideas for fun things to do that don’t require a suitcase.


Hope you enjoy your summer – do you have any trips planned?

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  1. Easy is probably the most car-unfriendly dog we ever had…. not even this rescue remedy drops helped. We decided not to drug him with heavy meds, but every travel is a challenge. He sits on my lap the whole time and I’m the one who needs a holiday after we went on a holiday….apart from the fact that I’m covered in dog hairs :o)
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog MISCHIEF MO(A)NDAYMy Profile

  2. Hopping into the back of the car is just about the pups’ favorite thing in the world. Like you, I wouldn’t fly my dogs unless absolutely necessary, so we’re seasoned long-haul travelers.

  3. No travel for us. We’ve seen every place we’ve ever wanted to and home is a luxury to us too.
    jan recently posted…Shelter dog trained to stop child predatorsMy Profile

  4. my gang loves to travel as that mean there are birds when we stop.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Rufus Tuesday’s TalesMy Profile

  5. We love to travel, but only by car and Mom isn’t a fan of travel having traveled most of her life. If we take a couple road trips a year, that is ideal for us. Now with Katie not being able to travel, it makes it a bit more difficult too.
    Emma recently posted…Paisley Park – Purple Girl Takes In The Prince MemorialMy Profile

  6. When Callie & Shadow were young – and hubby and I were both still working – we used to take them for rides up to the mountains near Asheville. But once Ducky came along, that stopped because we couldn’t fit all 3 of them on the back seat and a new, larger car was not an option. And now that we’re both retired, we can’t afford vacations. So, we do staycations. And truth be told, I really prefer staying home. I don’t enjoy driving that much any more and I won’t put my dogs on an airplane, period.
    Callie, Shadow, and Ducky’s Mom recently posted…Yummy, Healthy Treats!My Profile

  7. We don’t travel nearly as much as we thought we would after retiring. I had planned to bring Bentley and Pierre to BlogPaws again this summer, but we’ve decided it would be too much for them. They will stay at their “pet resort” without any complaints, I’m sure. LOL!
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…It’s Time to Liv-a-Littles #ChewyInfluencerMy Profile

  8. Sam simply loves the idea of traveling in the car…until we turn the key, then he’s a panting, shaking mess in the back seat. I tried a homeopathic remedy when we drove to California in January (yeah..I know…who does THAT?) and it worked pretty effectively. Our next long drive will probably also include a Thundershirt with the remedy treatment as well as a anti-stress color. At least he doesn’t get car sick. 🙂

  9. Thankfully the pups both love car rides. I was reminded just how lucky I am with my car enthusiastic pups when I gave one of my client dogs a ride in my pet taxi the other day. This pup HATES car rides with a passion. She was a mess and really made me work for my money.

  10. We have not traveled with Cocoa but I feel like every day is a vacation!! We have beautiful trails for her and I like to take her to new parks. We have talked about taking her somewhere but she loves her boarding place so that is fun!!

  11. If I even so much as LOOK in the direction of my car keys – the Boys are at the door waiting for me 🙂 They both love to travel. I refuse to take them on a plane, don’t think it’s fair to place them in a separate compartment. So no BP in AZ for them 🙁

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