Does Your Dog Frustrate You?

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We all LOVE our dogs, that’s a fact. It’s unlikely you would even be reading this blog if you don’t have a dog that you love.
But dogs can also be the most frustrating family member. Right?
Does your dog frustrate you
Our first dog, Sally was a beautiful little bundle of Chocolate Lab love. She was the sweetest thing and had us both wrapped around her little paws within the first five minutes of coming into our home. She was also a well-behaved puppy. Yes, she was full of mischief, she was only 8 weeks old after all, but she grew into a ‘pretty’ well-behaved adult.
I put those quotes around pretty because there was a certain thing she did that was so frustrating and no amount of training seemed to stop her. I say no amount of training, but with hindsight, that should really be “no amount of training we were willing to spend the time on…” If we had spent more time, I’m sure we could have gotten past this issue.

Sweet Sally Brown as a puppy

Sweet Sally Brown as a puppy

What did Sally do that was so frustrating? Consumed horse poop…wherever and whenever she could get it. Sweet, sweet horse poop. It didn’t matter if it was fresh or three weeks old and just dried up grass, it was her favorite thing to snack on and my biggest frustration with her.
We lived near Griffith Park in Los Angeles at the time and took Sally to the park everyday. One the other side of the park was a stable and there were many riders through the trails in the park, so there were lots of opportunities for Sally to find a snack. I was always on the look out for horse poop and would try to steer her away from it, although many times it became a game to her. She’d run past it (she was usually off leash in the park) like she didn’t even see it and then wait until I ran past it and then circle around behind me to get it. Or she would be trotting along right past it and then make a quick swipe at it as we ran past or she’d be out ahead of me and get to it before I even saw it.
She was a little sneak – loved her to death, but that horse poop obsession was SOOOO frustrating. I know I could have probably kept her on the leash and worked with her on the ‘leave it’ command, but that’s where owner laziness plays a part.
How about you – what’s your biggest frustration with your dog and what do you do about it?


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  1. We have all had our frustrating qualities, but with time they seem to resolve themselves. Katie used to all of the sudden take off and not let Mom catch her. That was the worst as she might run around, in sight, but not close enough to catch for an hour or more! Bailie had her shredding, but seems to have finally ended that phase, and I have my attitude issues but we are working on those. I don’t see it as a problem, but my mom does.
    Emma recently posted…No Grilling Necessary Sausages #ChewyInfluencerMy Profile

  2. Easy was a fan of sheep-bonbons once, but fortunately he lost this preference :o) Sometimes there are such moments, but I’m not mad at Easy because I know it is 100% our fault that Marks dignity rests in the rings of dogshows, street cafe’s and on the beach :o)
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog SHOP TILL YA DROPMy Profile

  3. Bentley can be a bit demanding when he wants something…he constantly taps my arm until he gets what he wants. #HoundingMom
    Pierre digs after moles and our yard looks like an excavation site! LOL!
    Wouldn’t trade either of them for the world on a silver platter. β™₯
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…DGP For Our Pet’s Mobility & FlexibiltyMy Profile

    • Ha – actually Sally would do that in the morning when she wanted her breakfast.
      mkob recently posted…Does Your Dog Frustrate You?My Profile

  4. Dogs and frustration are a package deal! They certainly know how to push our buttons. I thought Emily was going to kick Penny and I out on the street during a few of Penny’s more difficult behavioral stretches.

  5. Jaxson is probably the only Dood to test my patience, but I’m dealing with it πŸ™‚ He’s just super active and requires more reinforcement with certain situations ie. my office trash LOL

  6. My Daisy loved horse poop!! She would be running up front and look back because she knew she was not supposed to have it but she could not help herself!!
    Julie recently posted…Bean and the FedEx manMy Profile

  7. Oh boy! I know this frustrating well. Barley knows “leave it” and does exceptionally well out in the world–a spilled plate of nachos in the middle of the sidewalk after a street festival? No problem. A plate of cat food for feral cats along the sidewalk? Easy. Put her in our house with her brother’s cat food and no matter what I do, she cannot refrain from eating it. In our old apartment, she’d even climb up onto the counters (all 4 feet!) to get to the cat food–and I try to keep a steady supply of treats close by to reward her when she does choose to come to me, but she’ll weight 5000 pounds if I have to keep making myself more appealing than the cat food. We are so ready for Soth’s custom “dining table” to be finished!
    Beth recently posted…My Friends Know My Dog Better Than I DoMy Profile

  8. Frustrated? No never…I LOVE for Sam to stop in the middle of the tiniest kitchen on earth so I can trip over him with bags of groceries. πŸ˜‰

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