Do you feed your dog table scraps?

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tbalescraps3 SlimDoggy’s blog is all about having fit and healthy pets. What to feed them, how to exercise them – we write about that all the time. Even our App is designed to monitor what goes in and what goes out. So of course we don’t feed table scraps! Or do we?

I have to admit we do sometimes. Dad is a much bigger offender than me, but he just can’t resist giving them a little steak or a piece of chicken now and then. I will admit to dropping a few vegetables when I’m cooking, sharing an apple or letting Jack lick the empty yogurt containers and maybe even the peanut butter jar.

Are we terrible, horrible parents? I don’t think so.

I remember back a few years ago that was scandalous behavior – feeding the dog table scraps – tantamount to abuse! Come on people…it’s just food. Yes, I know we are about being healthy and keeping fit and trim, but don’t think I don’t treat myself once in awhile with a chocolate chip cookie or bowl of ice cream – of course I do. So why wouldn’t I treat my dogs too?

tablescraps4I admit that their treats are more often a Zuke’s carrot or apple bone, or maybe one of their ‘mental’ toys like a Kong or the “Tornado” but we do give them the occasional ‘people food’ treat. The key phrase there is occasional – it’s not every day and it’s 1-2 pieces, not a plateful!

Another key thing is the nature of the table scraps.  We eat healthy to begin with. There’s no fried food in our house, very little pizza or fast food either. So when the dogs do get table scraps, it’s likely going to be a piece of protein (meat or fish) or a chunk of fruit or vegetable. The same foods they would get with a raw food diet. Those are perfectly fine to give the dogs – you’ll find much of the same in their regular dog food even.

Lastly, if you do feed your dogs table scraps, you need to account for those extra calories and adjust the serving sizes of their normal meals.  Or take them for an extra walk/run.  Or both.  Simply to make sure that your dog stays a SlimDoggy, not a chubby puppy.

So, in my opinion, feeding table scraps in our house is no harm, no foul.

What’s it like in YOUR house – do your dogs get table scraps and if so, what kind?  Which foods, if any, does your dog turn down?

We’re joining the Monday Mischief Blog Hop…feeding table scraps is mischief – right?

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  1. Guilty! Yet, not really. Veggie and fruit table scraps, yes. Each dog has faves, as well as things they don’t like (Jeffie hates green beans and most fruit.) Since most of our veggies are steamed, it’s all good 🙂
    Sue at Talking Dogs recently posted…Mischief Monday: Too Much Party Punch?My Profile

    • Agree, veggies are good – as long as they aren’t ‘creamed’ or layered with butter. If they’ll eat raw ones, I say great!

  2. Bailey get’s sick when he goes off diet, so no. Katy would love it, but then Bailey wants it, too.

    Actually I grew up with feeding the dogs everything and one of our dogs ended up dying because the Vet missed diagnosing him with diabetes. The only thing that dog wouldn’t eat was lima beans. I know because he saved me from more than one night sitting at the table with congealing mystery casserole because the children in India were starving. God Bless him for his sacrifice. So, I think times have actually changed to making us more aware of dog health. I know my parents never thought about feeding the dog from the table. Now we do.

    As with kids, I think everyone has to make their own choices. I know my dogs and we have rules based on their health issues. I don’t offer scraps to dogs in other people’s homes because I have the do unto other’s attitude. I also have no issue when other people do feed their dogs. It is their right.

    • That’s so true about ‘do unto others’ – drives me nuts when guests feed our dogs from the table. AAGGHH!

  3. They get a few small pieces here and there. Torrey has to have a few pieces of cereal every single morning.
    Roxy the traveling dog recently posted…Monday assortmentMy Profile

  4. I used to be militant about no table scraps. But once I began to eat healthier foods, I started to share more. Little bites of tomato is a crowd favorite. We call kale, chard and mustard green stems “bones” and the dogs crunch them on their beds. Spinch and carrots are also popular. Everyone but the dachshund will try many kinds of fruits. It’s actually fun to try healthy foods together!

  5. We’ll save Sage a tiny piece of whatever meat we have. She has ALWAYS turned her nose up at raw veggies and fruit, but she somehow loves the spoonful of pumpkin she gets every meal.
    Sage recently posted…B&W TongueMy Profile

    • Pumpkin – yum – as long as it’s not pumpkin pie with sugar & butter!

  6. I may have pizza once every two months…and if Gizmo gets some pizza crust every two months it’s just fine…Sure he shouldn’t have an all junk food diet and neither should I, but an occasional splurge won’t hurt either of us
    GizmoGeodog recently posted…Dog Tags Gone Wild–Mischief MondayMy Profile

    • Absolutely agree…you can’t live without SOME pizza in your life! Everything in moderation.

  7. Our dogs do not really get table scraps. Very occasionally they may get a bit of left over plain scrambled eggs. They do get a dollop of plain yogurt with each meal so I suppose that counts. 🙂 Our trouble is keeping weight on our dogs.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Monday Mischief–Splat!My Profile

    • Looks like they get lots of great exercise!

  8. My Mum decided when I was a puppy I wasn’t going to get anything from the tables, so even the kids never give me anything – therefore I don’t expect anything and just lie in my bed or play with my toys – sometimes I lie under the table, but just to be close to everyone 🙂

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂
    snoopy recently posted…Monday Mischief – Mischief at the vets!My Profile

    • You are such a well mannered Snoopy…

  9. I have to admit that I give Sherman a piece of bacon every Sunday and they occasionally share french fries with me 🙂 but the french thing is few and far between!
    Jen recently posted…Squeaky CleanMy Profile

    • I think a piece of bacon on Sunday is only fair – life can be very sad without bacon.

  10. Our dogs do get table scraps, but not straight from our plate. That’s a no no (you hear that, Johan!!!).

    We give them several things that I used to consider people food until I became a pet blogger and know that dogs can eat them as a snack: carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes. The one thing they turn down is green beans, I hear it’s a healthy snack, they’re not convinced.

    If we have left over chicken, we feed them the meat (not bones. And when we BBQ burgers, we make a few burgers and hot dogs for them too, mix it together with veggies. They love it.
    Kimberly, The Fur Mom recently posted…50 Things I Wish I Knew About Dog Care When We Adopted Our DogsMy Profile

    • All sounds reasonable and respectable…a good FurMom!

  11. Mine get table scraps sometimes after we eat. Lexie loves chicken so she gets bites of baked chicken and scraps of whatever beef we have. Mica is very picky and only likes beef and only certain kinds so she does not get many table snacks by her choice. Neither will touch veg. Or fruit! BTW Lexie and Mica are Newfs:)

    • Usually those big guys have less discerning tastes! Funny about the veggies – my Jack will eat anything…even peanut or pistachio SHELLS!

  12. The short answer is no, we don’t feed table scraps. That doesn’t mean we don’t feed human food, though. But we’re very selective about what we do or do not give. So not table scraps – selected cuts.

    Generally, it’s mostly stuff such as steak, roast, turkey breast … We’d offer veggies too but there are no takers. Those have to be cleverly hidden in a blended meals hidden within meat flavors.
    Jana Rade recently posted…It Just Keeps Piling UpMy Profile

    • Funny that the dogs are sometimes like kids when it comes to the veggies – have to be hidden in something more tasty.

  13. Our dog, Mikey, gets the odd table scrap, pretty much the same as yours. It doesn’t seem to be making any difference in his weight. But I do believe the key is moderation. A piece of apple instead of a treat, not in addition to!

    • Exactly and too many people forget to count those treats!

  14. My babies get the occasional pizza crust. Or leftovers directly from the pan. But it’s rare we have leftovers.
    Flea recently posted…Unicycle, Tattoos, Nipple Ring – Oh MY!My Profile

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