Do Dogs Have Favorites?

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We all know that we have favorite foods, favorite movies or TV shows, favorite books even favorite people. But do dogs? Do dogs really prefer one toy over another or one food over another or one person over another?
My totally unscientific research says ABSOLUTELY!
Let me offer evidence from my personal experience:

  1. Sally had a favorite toy – her “Bear”. When I brought her home from the breeder at 8 weeks old, I had a small stuffed bear for her that I put in her crate for the two hour drive home. The bear was about the same size as her at that time and became her “go to” toy. She never ripped him up and never took him outside. Sally always did a little welcome home parade for us. She would grab the first available toy in her mouth and parade around the room wiggling her butt and singing her little happy song. But if we had been away for a longer period of time, grabbing the first available toy wouldn’t do – she had to find bear and bear had to be part of the parade. After 14 years, many washings and lots of tugging and fetching, bear was still her favorite toy. Not only was it her first toy, it was her last. When we cremated Sally…we cremated bear with her.
  2. Tino had a favorite “spot” in the backyard. He would sleep almost anywhere in the yard as I’ve noted in the past, but he had one go to spot where he usually started and ended his day. It was also a great spot when it rained because it provided shelter for him. It was behind a big bush right outside the back door. It was always the first place I looked for him if I didn’t see him.
  3. His favorite spot is under this big bush. If it was sunny...well the middle of the yard worked too.

    His favorite spot is under this big bush. If it was sunny…well, the middle of the yard worked too.

  4. Jack has a favorite person…me. He latched onto me right from the start and has been my devotee ever since. You can call him “shadow”, “velcro dog”, “mama’s boy”…whatever, he is right there behind me. When I wear flip-flops, he steps on the back of them and trips me he’s so close. When I leave, he sits in his bed by the backdoor watching for me. Until the next mealtime that is. If I’m still away by then, he turns his devotion to Steve, or to whoever is staying with him. He is a really people dog.
  5. Maggie has a favorite game and that is “Find the Food”. We’ve talked about this game before, and Maggie is obsessed with it. She has come to expect demand it as her after dinner game every night. Typically, we will take a handful of treats or kibble and hide them in the front yard – behind bushes, on the tires of the car or on top of the bench or rocks. They wait impatiently in the house until we’re done and then go flying out to find the food. Maggie absolutely loves this game and she will scour every inch of the yard for 30 minutes or more each night. Jack only lasts about 10 minutes – then he quits. He enjoys his other treat games just as much as this one, but Maggie…this is her favorite.

Here’s just a snippet of a “find the food” game – she comes barreling out the door and scampers all over the yard looking for treats.

What about you – tell us about your dog’s favorite thing…



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  1. Of course we have favorites. We have our favorite places to walk as shown by our excitement. We have favorite treats, sometimes we got to choose and we always pick the ones we like best, we have our favorite sleeping spots, and so on. Naturally, our favorite person is Mom, but Gramma comes in a close second as she usually has treats!
    Emma recently posted…Photos From My Nose Work TrialMy Profile

    • Gramma’s are good like that. Jack likes his Aunt Terri because she dotes on him.
      mkob recently posted…Do Dogs Have Favorites?My Profile

  2. I had a favourite toy/place/treat- all in one once. my first dog bed. I never slept in that thingy but it was my treasure chamber, my favourite hiding spot and I even had it in my mouth on walks… till I tried to make it bigger…. I sadly nailed that diy-project and occupied the master bed instead… it’s cool when my dad finds food under his pillow or a stick or a potato :o)
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog FIELD GLASS FRIDAYMy Profile

  3. This was a great post! I firmly believe dogs have favorite things. I am actually posting about my huskies fav toys on an upcoming post.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…3 things to do on National Dog WeekMy Profile

  4. I love these stories. 🙂 Does Jack also stand on your feet? My Aussies both stand on my feet, but especially Flash. They do it to each other when they play, too.

    • No, he doesn’t do that…thanks goodness. He just stands behind me – so close I can feel his breath.
      mkob recently posted…Do Dogs Have Favorites?My Profile

  5. Maggie is not concerned with manners, she busted right by Jack – too cute! My pups’ favorite toy always seems to be whatever the other one currently has.

    • She is not intimidated by his size AT ALL. Half the time she beats him out the door.
      mkob recently posted…Do Dogs Have Favorites?My Profile

  6. OMG LOVE IT!!! Dakota has at least TWO HUGE baskets full of toys. Many of them were NOT inexpensive. At least 3 yrs ago (maybe 4 now), I bought him a plush, red, white and blue ball from the dollar store. It is now old and raggedy looking. What does he go for EVERY TIME even if it is buried in one of the baskets? That mangy toy……he will take EVERY other toy out of the basket until he finds it. Crazy dog!
    Caren Gittleman recently posted…Help teach children how to properly interact with dogsMy Profile

  7. So many of the favorite objects around here have been loved to pieces…literally.
    jan recently posted…Lost and found Beagle a big hit for airlineMy Profile

  8. I am Delilah’s favorite person. She is similar to Jack in that she has tripped me more times than I can count. No matter where I am, she can usually be found not too far from me and when I get up to do something she follows me, unless someone has food. Then the food takes precedence. Perhaps then food would be her favorite thing. 🙂

    Sampson loves the woods and walking in them. He also loves people and I think he values them over food. He’d much rather stand and get rubbies than just about anything else.
    Jodi recently posted…Do I Have Dirt in my Ear? – Thursday’s Barks and BytesMy Profile

    • Jack is really torn between food and me…it’s a tough call – if he can have food from me, well that’s the best.
      mkob recently posted…Do Dogs Have Favorites?My Profile

  9. Absolutely! Dogs definitely have favorites. Lucy was so devoted to me that my husband seriously lamented that he didn’t even exist for her! (Not really true, but…) Each of my dogs has had favorite toys, treats, ans spots. I suspect anyone who thinks their dogs don’t have favorites of some kind just really isn’t paying attention.
    Sue recently posted…Cop a Feel of Your Dog and Gratitude | Barks and BytesMy Profile

  10. Aww, Maggie is so cute in that video with her little tail wagging! I should play that game with Ace more often.

    I think you’re right. Dogs (and cats) definitely have favorites. Ace chooses tennis balls over all other toys. If there is no tennis ball, then the next closest thing resembling a ball is his next choice.

    My cat Scout (who really is supposed to be MY cat) loves my husband way more than me and always has. He’s always trying to sit with my husband, following him around and just looking at him in admiration! I’m second best, even though I’m the one who feeds all the animals.
    Lindsay recently posted…What’s the funniest thing you’ve caught your dog or cat doing?My Profile

    • Funny how they develop certain bonds. Our Sally loved both of us, but she would come to me for snuggles and to Steve for play.
      mkob recently posted…Do Dogs Have Favorites?My Profile

  11. Absolutely, but mom thinks I started to rotate my toys last night, its usually always the big blue squeaky football! Love Dolly
    Dolly the Doxie recently posted…Full Moon Pet: Treats You and Your Dog Will LoveMy Profile

  12. I definitely agree that dogs, do have favorites. Zoe had favorite friends when we went to the dog park and Phoenix has a favorite toy. It’s a purple monster looking thing that honks and squeeks, we named it Chibi. She knows exactly what I’m saying when I tell her to “go find Chibi!!” 😀
    Lauren Miller recently posted…Rescue Dog Mistakes & Do-Overs – A SeriesMy Profile

  13. Bentley has a favorite toy which is a Skinneeez. He loves our entire family, but he is a mama’s boy…unless it is storming, then he needs his dad.
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…Remember Me Thursday, #LightForPets AdoptionMy Profile

    • That’s funny – like dad is going to protect him differently?
      mkob recently posted…Do Dogs Have Favorites?My Profile

  14. too cute, bet glory would do good at that find the treats game she is food motivated big time. I was Norman’s favorite thing. Gamblers favorite thing is to wreck everything and carry rugs around. Nellie has a favorite ducky. Yes you know Teresa and Cyrus from Pets Move. I’m trying to get her started in blogging.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Thursdays Barks And Bytes~NellieMy Profile

    • Rugs…seriously G’man – he’s such a nut. Good luck to Teresa – Cyrus is a cool dog – so active, love it!
      mkob recently posted…Do Dogs Have Favorites?My Profile

  15. YES! Absolutely! Cooper’s favorite thing in the world is… me. Which can be overwhelming! Lucas has a favorite stuffed toy that he loves to wing around the living room, and Emmett’s favorite thing is being patted. By anyone! Even Newt has a favorite, her teddy toy!
    Maggie recently posted…The Sneaky TreatMy Profile

  16. I think dogs definitely have their favorite things. Even when we are hunt test training there are set-ups that one dog prefers more than another dog. You can tell when they are running them.

    The video is very cute. Thanks so much for joining the hop!
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Thursday Barks And Bytes–Family TraitsMy Profile

  17. I especially love the story about Sally and her bear….so sweet! Cricket’s favorite toy is her ball. She’ll play Frisbee only if we put all the balls away. When we’re done playing, she’ll still walk around the house with the ball in her mouth, and sometimes falls asleep with it in her mouth or tucked in front of her. She also rolls around on it in the yard.
    Luke’s favorite place to sleep during the day is up on the back of the couch in the office, where he can keep an eye out the window.
    Jan K recently posted…Barking About…..Canine Paws and ToesMy Profile

  18. Yes! They do have their favorites don’t they? Haley’s favorite thing is her basketball! She noses it up in the air and then bumps it off her back or butt and tries to keep it off the ground as much as possible. She’s like a seal, haha! Fun post! 🙂
    Elaine recently posted…Foods You Should Never Feed Your DogMy Profile

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