Dear Labby is on vacation…

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Dear Labby is on vacation this week, so his little sister, Maggie is filling in for him. Maggie wanted to join This N’ That Thursday because that’s what she wants to write about – a little of this and a little of that…


Park Day 2


1. You might remember Jack & I participated in Park Day 2.0 festivities last month. Well, we also won a PRIZE. It was the ‘mystery box’ prize. Pretty excited. We opened it up as soon as it came and nosed around in it. The Kong treats were the favorite – I just finished off the last one of those last nite. Jack tends to eat them too fast, but I take my time and enjoy to the fullest. Here’s me checking out the mystery box prize. Glad mom is making Jack stay otherwise he’d be nosing me out of the way and I wouldn’t get to sniff all these wonderful items appropriately.

Thanks to Gizmo and Finn & Charlie for the great prizes and the great fun we had at park Day 2.0. Can’t wait for the next release!




2. Speaking of Park Day 2.0, we were working on a couple of other Bingo cards, but hadn’t finished them up before Park Day was over. We have some cool pics to share. Here’s SlimDoggy Jack in front of the Norwegian Grade sign at the end of our valley. It’s a pretty cool hill, all twisty and curvy and steep  – we asked mom if we could ride a skateboard down it, but she reminded me that I don’t know how to ride a skateboard.  Here’s what it says about it the steep hill on wikipedia. And here’s Jack in front of the sign – he’s kind of bored by the whole thing.

We never could get a picture of the squirrel, mom tries to get a butterfly a couple of times, but it always flew away by the time she got her camera out.





3. We posted a puppy picture of our cousin Taj on Black & White Sunday last week. Everyone thought she was so cute & pretty. We thought folks would like to see a picture of her all grown up doing her ‘hunting’. Here she is – looks pretty cool huh!





4. And finally, here’s a picture of me, Maggie May in one of my favorite spots – can you guess where I am?maggiemay2


We’re joining up with 2 Brown Dawgs for This ‘N That Thursday Blog Hop!

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  1. Nice post! Congratulations on your Park Day win. I know what you mean about liking to enjoy your treats, I am the same way but if I am not fast enough and I happen to leave for a second my sister steals and inhales what I left. It can be frustrating for those of us that like to enjoy our snacks!
    emma recently posted…Cats, Cats, Cats! | GBGV | Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  2. Thanks so much for joining the hop. That hill sounds really cool. I think that it is easy to forget how difficult construction was before modern equipment. Congrats on your cool box of stuff. All three brown dawgs inhale. We have to be a bit careful on the kinds of treats we give them…lol.
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…This ‘N That ThursdayMy Profile

    • I can’t imagine how they did it. They closed the road a couple of years ago for repairs and we had to go about 10 miles out of the way to get to the same point – such a hassle – but showed how spoiled we are.
      mkob recently posted…Dear Labby is on vacation…My Profile

  3. Is Taj a Weim? She’s a beauty! And it looks like Maggie May is curled up under the porch steps.
    Flea recently posted…Helping FriendsMy Profile

  4. Great TNTT! Congrats on your cool winnings. I think the picture of Jack in front of the sign is cool. Taj is handsome pointing! Maggie I think you are hiding under the steps of your deck at least that is what it looks like when my dogs do it.

    • That’s exactly where I am – I love to dig holes in the shade and then lie in them. I only do it when mom’s outside though cause I’m still kind of nervous being on my own.
      mkob recently posted…Dear Labby is on vacation…My Profile

  5. Congratulations on your Park Day prize!! Cousin Taj is so cute! Great photos.
    Oz the Terrier recently posted…Marching Out the Limericks: AlfieMy Profile

    • Thanks Oz…she’s is a cutie – and a very hard worker 🙂
      mkob recently posted…Dear Labby is on vacation…My Profile

  6. I also thought you were under the corner of a porch or deck….under the stairs is a very cool and quiet place to be I bet. Glad you enjoyed your treats from your prize….our dogs loved those Kong treats too, but I haven’t been able to find them at the store yet! Your cousin definitely looks cool doing her hunting….she is very pretty. Great post, Maggie!
    Jan K recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – R.I.P.My Profile

    • Thanks Jan – maybe Jack will let me post again sometime in the future – he’s kind of a hog when it comes to running the Blog…:(
      And I am under the stairs of our back deck – love to dig a little hole and climb in. My brother Tino used to hang out here so it has good doggie smells.
      mkob recently posted…Dear Labby is on vacation…My Profile

  7. Congrats on the win! I was gonna guess half-under the house – but I see the answer has already been revealed. Nothing like nice cool dirt on a warm day! (Or so the dogs tell me^…)

    ^ or *seem* to tell me. Dogs do not actually speak to me. Wish they did. Alas, they don’t. (Honestly if dogs DID speak to me, it would probably mostly be a lotta “Are you gonna finish that?” Might get old.)
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…Mirth Watch Thursday: I Whip My Ears Back and ForthMy Profile

    • LOL…If they did speak to you – you would probably be famous too!
      mkob recently posted…Dear Labby is on vacation…My Profile

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