Leanness Rules

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fat dog cartoonLean Dog = Longer Living Dog

We kickoff our “Daily Reader” with an oldie but goody that refers to the Purina Study that showed how keeping your dog lean can add 15% to their lifespan.  Yes, I said 15%. In the study, Labradors who were fed less and thus were leaner than the control group lived 1.8 years longer than those that were fed more.


How many of you wouldn’t jump at the chance to extend your time with your beloved pet by almost 2 more years?  Please take a moment and consider that for a human, that would mean a life that lasts ~11 years longer!  Wow.   Here is a link to a nice summary of the study: http://veterinarynews.dvm360.com/dvm/article/articleDetail.jsp?id=26745  . For those who want to dive deeper, you can find the original paper here (abstract is free, full study is a paid article): http://avmajournals.avma.org/doi/abs/10.2460/javma.2002.220.1315


Don’t risk the chance to have your dog live longer.   Exercise them properly and know exactly how much to feed them so that they can stay trim and fit.  Or as we say here , “be a  slim doggy, not a chubby puppy.”


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  1. […] think that pet owners realize that leaner dogs will live longer more high quality lives.  The Purina study, which you have written about in the past, shows that lean litter mates can live almost 2 years longer than their chunky […]

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