Coyote Season

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In the area we live there are a lot of coyotes. Sometimes we see and hear them all the time, sometimes we don’t see or hear them for months.
This time of year, when new pups are born we see and hear them A LOT. Almost every night they gather in the fields across from our house and discuss the hunting plan for the night. I’ve been trying to record it, but no luck yet.
Given this is welping season, I thought it might be a good time to reprint our Coyote Warning article we published last year and the original post published on Dogster.
If you have coyotes in your area, please read this and take heed. Coyotes are usually harmless and more afraid of you then you are of them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Coyote season

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  1. We have had our fair share of scares with coyotes. In fact, I fear for my dogs’ safety more around coyotes than any of our wildlife. Don’t get me wrong – I love coyotes – but I am very wary of their lure/attack tactics with my gullible Labs. I am heading off to read the article.
    KB recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Chocolate in the DesertMy Profile

  2. We have coyotes around here too. A lab was actually mauled by one in his own yard a few weeks ago, but survived. One needs to be on the look out for sure.
    Emma recently posted…How To Throw A Fancy Easter BrunchMy Profile

    • Wow, a Lab…that’s a big dog for a coyote to tackle – bet it was a pack of them.
      mkob recently posted…Coyote SeasonMy Profile

  3. We have coyotes here as well, not very far from our house! We are always on the lookout especially early in the morning!
    Golden Daily Scoop recently posted…A Dog and Her OttomanMy Profile

  4. I often hear them in the distance, but have yet to see them close by. Scary though!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…Benecoat – Professional Hair and Skin Formula For DogsMy Profile

  5. Interestingly enough, it’s always coyote season in Chicago. We have resident coyotes the city tags and tracks. Coyotes will inevitably move into the ecological niche so this program helps self-select for coyotes who don’t bother residents. Most people who live in Chicago have no idea they’re here, it’s a very interesting program.

    • That does sound like an interesting program.
      mkob recently posted…Coyote SeasonMy Profile

  6. We fortunately have no coyotes… just some foxes, they are not really dangerous, but they know no fear and enter even houses :o(
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog VE-TORTUREMy Profile

  7. The coyote in the picture looks like he’s on the run from the roadrunner!
    Kari recently posted…B is for Baseball CapsMy Profile

  8. Great reminder!
    I’ve heard way too many instances of coyotes trying to lure away dogs, another great reason to keep them on leash. 🙂
    DZ Dogs recently posted…Agility Fun Part VIMy Profile

    • Particularly if they like to chase…which our dogs do.
      mkob recently posted…Coyote SeasonMy Profile

  9. I really dislike coyotes. Really dislike. There used to be a lot near our cabin but the hunters came through and thinned them. It was a good thing because they were overrunning the deer, turkeys and grouse. Still, we always take the dogs out on lead at dusk and if it is dark. It is so dark there, I get a bit creeped out thinking I hear them at night just past the light…lol. I would be an awful woodsman. Thanks for joining the hop!
    2 Brown Dawgs recently posted…Thursday Barks And Bytes–More Training VideosMy Profile

  10. We have them here and I’m just 3 miles from downtown Denver! Always do a double take when I see them quickly scamper away from my ‘pogo stick on a leash.’ 😉
    Monika recently posted…April FoolsMy Profile

  11. We have a large field behind our house and hear them quite often. Last year, we heard them attacking something and it sounded like a dog was yelping and being injured. It was a horrible thing to listen to and it still gives me chills when I hear their screaming yips.
    Elaine recently posted…Adopting a Dog When You Have a CatMy Profile

  12. Would you believe I saw my first coyote on our walk yesterday morning? Delilah saw it too, but thankfully it was some distance away from us, crossing the street to head back into the woods.

    I carry a pepper blaster but since I can barely treat and walk my dogs, I feel it’s unlikely I’d be able to use it to spray an animal, that I’m sure my dogs would be interested in. I also feel it unlikely a coyote could take down either of my dogs, but it’s definitely not a chance I’m willing to take!! I’m going to be picking up a small air horn, which should work as a deterrent.

    Thank you so much for joining the blog hop~
    Jodi recently posted…Follow-Up Friday – April 3, 2015My Profile

    • Good idea. It’s unlikely they would do anything with you around anyways – they like to lure dogs away from humans.
      mkob recently posted…FitDog Friday 2nd Anniversary QuizMy Profile

  13. We have never seen one, thank goodness! But we used to hear them a lot from a house we rented before we moved to our current hosue. We occasionally hear them here, but it’s been a while. They are so eerie sounding!
    Jan K recently posted…FitDog Friday – First Spring WalksMy Profile

  14. during the summer we often hear coyotes screaming in the middle of the night too. they don’t come into our yard but are near.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Car Packed For Training~FitDog FridayMy Profile

  15. That sounds scary – pawhaps because it would certainly be a rare find where we live. Everyone please take heed, read the article, and be careful.
    Groovy Goldendoodles recently posted…HONORED TO RECEIVE THIS AWARDMy Profile

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