Christmas Puppy Mischief

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maxine101Yep, this is going to be a good one…christmas + puppies + mischief, how can you go wrong? This story is about the first dog I had as an adult. Her name was Maxine (Max) and she was a beautiful fox red, yellow Labrador – never seen a lab as dark as her. We bred her twice. The first litter she had was only three pups – all males. Two years later we bred her again and she had six pups – I think it was 2 females and four males. The first litter was pretty easy – there were only three of them and we had more than three friends that were waiting for pups from her, so it went pretty smoothly and they all went to their new homes at about 7-8 weeks of age.

The second litter was turning 8 weeks just before Christmas – it was by chance, we didn’t plan it that way. Almost all of these pups were accounted for too, but most people wanted to wait until after Christmas to bring them home and we didn’t object. But that meant we had a house full of 8 week old pups! We kept them in an enclosed space in our sun room, adjacent to the dining/living rooms and where the floor was linoleum. They had been weaned from Maxine and she was pretty ‘done’ with them if you know what I mean.maxine103

They were full of it as only a litter of 8 week old pups can be. Loud, rambunctious and loads of fun. One day, just a few days before Christmas, one of the families we were talking with about the last available pup was coming over after work to see the pup to decide whether they wanted him or not. These folks were friends of a friend, so we didn’t really know them personally, so we wanted to meet them and make sure that Barney (what we named this pup) would be going to a good home.

I came home from work early that day so I could get the pups out and exercised before these folks came over. We didn’t leave them alone all day, I came home mid-day and let them out and fed them, but they were “home alone” about 3 hours.maxine102

I walked in the door and it was like a tornado had struck. The ringleader was little Bailey, a very spry, pure white skinny little thing that could climb like a monkey. She had climbed out of their pen (which she did frequently) and somehow let the rest of them out and it had been a free for all. I can’t even begin to describe the destruction. Of course, pee and poop all over, but worse was the Christmas tree! Luckily there were only a few presents under the tree and they had been shredded, but they had gotten into the tree, grabbed the lights and run across the room, so all of the lights were stripped off the tree – along with the ornaments in their way. They got into anything at their level, which included plants, records, chair legs, etc. all ripped, shredded, knocked over, strewn from one end of the house to the other.

Worst of all was our nativity scene on the floor in front of the fireplace…poor baby Jesus lost his head in the incident.

And their mother, Maxine? Where was she when all of this was going on? I think she was in on the whole thing.

I had 15 minutes before this couple was supposed to come by and see Barney. I could only imagine what they would think about taking on a puppy if they saw the house! Luckily, they were late and we were able to clean up the worst of it, and how could anyone say no to an adorable yellow Lab puppy, so Barney found his home that day…and thank goodness. We had Max spayed after that, no more pups for me.


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  1. OMG – I just agreed to two puppies.
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted…Wag More, Bark Less | An Accidental Litter for Christmas #3TrueDogsMy Profile

    • Oh wow…you are brave! Another set of littermates huh?
      mkob recently posted…Christmas Puppy MischiefMy Profile

  2. WOW! No more pups haha!
    Ruckus the Eskie recently posted…Poor StoryCubes and Bully Sticks Giveaway! (ends 12/18) @doggyLoot @ruckustheeskieMy Profile

  3. LOL that sounds like something from a movie. I can only imagine. Did you ever tell the people who got Barney about the incident?
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Monday Mischief–Something StrangeMy Profile

    • I think we told them a little of it that night as there were still some signs of destruction around. But your right – it makes me think of the 101 Dalmatians….just a swarm of puppies running around.
      mkob recently posted…What You Find on CraigslistMy Profile

  4. A true ‘Nightmare before Christmas’, you have to laugh…..

  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I have three children, so I can relate on a small scale. And I don’t know that I’ll ever do puppies again. Rescue dogs for life!
    Flea recently posted…Funny Bone Monday, 51My Profile

  6. OMD, that’s so funny. I can just picture them having a grand old time! Of course, if you’d have been blogging back then you would have stopped to take photos before cleaning up. (Am I right??) 🙂

    • Of course I would…I”m regretting I don’t have video! Can you imagine the YouTube view count?
      mkob recently posted…What You Find on CraigslistMy Profile

  7. puppies are a handful thats for sure!! Although I couldn’t imagine a whole litter….and then again….and again…..LOL
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…OMD! Mondays!My Profile

  8. Haha – That’s some great mischief!! 🙂 I so wish you’d been videoing them, I can just imagine them running around! 🙂

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂
    snoopy recently posted…Monday Mischief – Nearly a Crime!My Profile

  9. Oh my goodness….I would have liked to see your face when you walked in the door! I’m glad we’re only getting one puppy….but I wonder if he will try to lead the older dogs astray? 🙂
    Jan K recently posted…Black & White Sunday – Squee!!!My Profile

  10. Talk about mischief! What a great story… It sounds like those little devils had a marvelous time.
    Two Cats and a Cattledog recently posted…Monday Mischief: That Darn CatMy Profile

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