Changes to our Routine: Casual Walking

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Since Maggie was diagnosed with OSA, we’ve been adjusting our exercise routine with her. We’ve stopped running with her and reduced the length and speed of her daily walks. Jack has benefited from our reduced routine since his age is starting to show and he doesn’t really need to run 4 days a week anymore.
Today we went on one of our favorite casual walks, which if you follow our blog, you might be familiar with. At the foot of our street is a farm. In the past they have grown red peppers and celery which Jack and Maggie have enjoyed immensely. They have planted something new there a few weeks ago and we’re not really sure what it is – maybe some kind of squash? As you can see, they are planted far apart, so I think that means they will be big. Anyone have an idea?
new plants in field
We usually walk around the field and both Jack and Maggie enjoy this walk because there is lots of wildlife around, so lots of good things to sniff.
new crop
Maggie was having a great time scampering around – especially in the nice soft dirt.
maggie in field

You can see from this photo how brown everything is here now. Not only is it summer but we are suffering from a very bad drought. You might remember this picture on the right – I posted it earlier this year for the #50Snapshots WINTER shot…our winters are green and our summers brown.
winter vs summer
One of the other things we’ve done to help our seniors is get a set of steps for Jack & Maggie to get in and out of the car. It really helps them not having to strain to jump in or damage their joints getting out. They both do pretty well with them. Here’s a photo of Jack using the stairs.
jack using the steps

I tried to get one of Maggie, but Jack insisted on photo bombing.
jack photo bombs
After our walk, they settle into the back of the car just fine and then nap the rest of the morning at home. One of the benefits of senior dogs.
Ijack and maggie post walk
Have you adjusted your routine to accommodate your dogs?

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  1. maybe that’s radish on the field? It’s great that you have that steps, steps or a ramp are on our bucket list too. It’s not because Easy is a senior, it’s just that he dislikes the car and Mark has to be his lift… and that way he is “decorated” with hairs and pawprints before we start ( he refuses to follow the advice of his mother in law to wear an apron dress) :o(
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog MISCHIEF MOANDAYMy Profile

  2. Hello,
    It is great to see folks helping their senior dog maintain a healthy weight. Just like human, dogs with too much weight suffer from it. We are in charge if their food, so enough said. Maggie and Jack are quite a pair!

  3. A strut on a farm certainly beats a walk around the block any day. We had to make plenty of changes to our routine when Penny was in heat and then when she was recovering from her spay. We had to get quite creative in order to keep the pups exercised without any off leash time.

  4. Great photos! I regularly change up our walks, but that’s only because I don’t want my huskies to get bored.
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…How To Create A Pet Safety Net – Be Prepared!My Profile

  5. Unfortunately, the dogs have had to adjust to me. I’m having some trouble with knees and hips so we have had to slow down our walks and go for twice a day on shorter treks. Hugs to Maggie. ♥
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…BFTB NETWoof News September 13, 2015My Profile

  6. I’m having to keep an eye on Shadow’s exercise – playing chase, fetch, and keep-away – too because she seems a bit stiffer after a nap these days. It’s probably her arthritis, but it could be a little grieving too. She is still looking for Callie at nap time, bless her heart.
    Callie, Shadow, and Ducky’s Mom recently posted…Making Some ChangesMy Profile

  7. I love Jack’s photobomb! Stairs/ramp are good for preventing injury. I wish you had a means of possibly reducing injury in the event of a vehicular accident. I’m not aiming to criticize, just voicing a concern. I admit, my own system (seat belt harnesses) leaves room for improvement, especially since the ones I have are not the crash-test safety rated Solvit Deluxe harnesses. Crates are not fail-safe, either. Maybe you would like to do a blog on safety options for cars?

    • You’re right – I KNOW i should secure them, but the farm is really just about 1/2 mile away…still enough to get in an accident though. I’ve posted a few things on FB about safety – but good idea, I’ll add it to my list.
      mkob recently posted…Changes to our Routine: Casual WalkingMy Profile

  8. Our morning schedule is constantly adjusting. The other day it was a 3 walk/run morning as Mom ran with Bailie, walked with Katie and I, but Katie didn’t want to walk much, so we took her home and I did a fast walk with Mom. It is challenging with our age spread, but luckily being late to work the few days a week Mom goes to the office is not a problem. The main thing for Mom is making sure we all get our fitness walks in first thing. Later in the day it is much easier to juggle things around.
    Emma recently posted…Emma’s 9th Birthday Wrap UpMy Profile

  9. Looks like a wonderful place to walk and sniff. 🙂
    DZ Dogs recently posted…Lookout Point Reservoir, OregonMy Profile

  10. Looks like a nice soft place for a walk.
    De Hufford recently posted…Monday Mischief, Aussie StyleMy Profile

  11. I have to get Blueberry and myself back into hiking condition. After the long, hot summer, I don’t want us to overdo it. Once we are back at it though – I usually try to keep the hikes no longer than 3 hours otherwise we both end up a little stiff and sore the next day. Our hearts are willing – but our bodies have various health issues that prevent us from tackling marathon hikes.
    Blueberry’s human recently posted…Time to Hit the TrailMy Profile

  12. Wonderful post and love the photos! They both look very happy – they are so lucky to have you as parents. Those are the best stair/steps I have seen. Could you please share where you got them from and/or the manufacturer?

  13. Because of Sydney’s back issues, we take fewer long walks. Often I’ll take the puppies for a separate walk, because they can go further. Or I will take Rodrigo and Sydney on a slightly longer walk, allowing Sydney to go off leash so she can go at her own pace. It works well for all of our dogs.
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted…Why Do Dogs Shake Their Legs When Scratched?My Profile

  14. Our routines are a fluid thing, adjusted constantly to accommodate the dogs whether because of their physical state, mental state, weather conditions.
    Jana Rade recently posted…Mouse Hunting, Leash Pulling, Begging at the Table and Intermittent ReinforcementMy Profile

  15. Only all the time around here! It’s tough when they get old, injured, or sick. We get used to the routines with them as well, and I really find I miss those long play sessions of fetch with Cricket! But now we’ll see what we can do for more walks and easy hikes.
    Jan K recently posted…Fun with “Feet” #52Snapshots of LifeMy Profile

  16. I’m a real pushover for adjusting every aspect of my life to accommodate my dogs and won’t even begin to apologize for it. I wish I’d had stairs for when Puck was still alive, it would have been easier trying to get her 90# in and out of the car rather than me straining to lift her and her flailing around like I was about to drop her. She loved riding in the car and laying her head on my shoulder when I shifted gears. It’s a wonder we never crashed with that big fat dead weight OES head on my shoulder blocking the back window! 🙂
    Monika recently posted…Thankful ThursdayMy Profile

  17. I’ve adjusted mine for Sampson. After he tore his ACL he had to have shorter, more frequent walks, so we broke our one long walk down into two shorter ones. (Actually, they end up walking longer, just in two increments). 🙂

    I have a ramp for the car, but it is a hassle. I should try those stairs. I bought a set for the bedroom, but Sampson waffles on using them. Thanks for sharing that tip!
    Jodi recently posted…I Knew That’d Bite Me In The…Barks and BytesMy Profile

  18. Yep, I sure have adjusted my routine for my older guy. About two years ago I stopped running with him but we were still able to walk pretty far. Then about a year ago I had to shorten our walks to only a mile or so and decrease the hills. We still go for a stroll every morning but I miss our long walks and running together. My goal for this month and the rest of the fall is to drive Ace to a couple of his favorite places vs. walking there.
    Lindsay recently posted…This Human Needs to Re-Learn Her Loose-Leash Walking SkillsMy Profile

  19. What a beautiful casual walk. I have no idea what that plant is, will be interesting to find out, you should of plucked one out.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Hunting Season Has StartedMy Profile

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