Can You Tell a Male Dog from a Female Dog?

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SereneYes, there is an obvious way to tell – we all know they have some different parts. But I’m talking about just by looking at their face or their physique – can you tell the difference?
I started thinking about this when I came upon this picture of my brother’s dog, Serene. This old picture doesn’t do her justice, she was a beautiful dog with flowing blond and white fur (think Farrah Fawcett in her heyday) and I don’t think anyone could ever mistake her for a male, she was just too darn pretty.
Our chocolate Lab Sally was also very feminine looking and no one ever mistook her for a male. It probably helped that she was also petite and typically weighed in about 55lbs, small for a Lab. Certainly size can be an indicator to some extent, but I think their features tell a lot too.
On some dogs I don’t think it’s as evident. I think Tino could have been (and was) taken for a male or female, although his personality was definitely male all the way. Becca could have passed as a male because she was larger and on the strong side, but Jack, well you’d never mistake him for a female, especially when you see him next to a beautiful yellow female like Daisy (from No Dog About It Blog) who has a lovely, feminine look. Jack is big and muscular with no femininity about him whatsoever.

jack and daisy

Many of you have males and females – do you think you can tell the difference? I thought it might be fun to post a few pictures of males and females and see if you can tell just from looking at them. Some of these are easy and some hard, but see how many you can guess right. A SlimDoggy bandana to the person with the most right answers.




We are joining up with the Monday Mischief Blog Hop, hosted by Snoopy’s Dog Blog, Alfie’s Blog and My Brown Newfies



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  1. Oh dang, these are hard! I’m mostly going to go with the opposite of what I think, since I think you are trying to trick us! 🙂 (Not sure the easiest way to list my answers… So, going to go in rows like the pics are!
    M, M, F
    M, F, M
    M, F, M (gotta go M with that dog in the suit!)
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…No Monday Mischief Here – Just a Birthday Giveaway!My Profile

  2. What a great idea for a game! I guess F/M/F/M/M/F/M/F/M
    M. K. Clinton recently posted…A Pet’s Fountain of Youth #AntiAgingPetsMy Profile

  3. MFF/MFF/MFM is my guess.
    Tenacious Little Terrier recently posted…Monday Mischief #35 – Mr. N can fetch!My Profile

  4. What fun! 1,F 2,M 3,F 4,M 5,M 6,M 7,M 8,F 9,M
    Beautiful blue eyes seem to get pets mistaken for females- everyone always thought Gryphon was a girl and Brychwyn endures the same errors. Plus there’s the lovely, fluffy fur- Gryphon had that too and my guess is that’s why Wilhelm always gets mistaken for a female. Huxley is just too large for anyone to mix up his sex!
    Bethany recently posted…How Wilhelm Got His Bounce Back And An #AntiAgingPets GiveawayMy Profile

  5. Ok, I’m gonna say that 1,2,3,7&9 are all males; 5&6 are females; and I’m not sure about 4&8 but I’ll say 4 is male & & is female.
    Sue recently posted…FRIDAY’S JUST ANOTHER DAYMy Profile

  6. 8, not &, is female?
    Sue recently posted…FRIDAY’S JUST ANOTHER DAYMy Profile

  7. I’m pretty sure I probably got these wrong! FMF; MMF; MFM I really don’t think you can tell just by looking at faces / body types and I say that because a lot of people have always thought Jeffie a girl 🙂
    Sue recently posted…For Love of a Dog Jewelry June #Giveaway | Monday MischiefMy Profile

  8. wait I will sniff on the screen, so I can find it out in zilch… naah not really lol. ok her is my wild guess: F, M, M, F, F, M, F,M,M
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog MOANDAY,MOANDAY…My Profile

  9. F,M,M
    F,M,M (hmmmm… is that a trick at the end? ha ha)
    Kathy recently posted…It’s June! Prepare your dog for summer fun!My Profile

  10. I say they are all girls except for number 9. I do question number 2 but tend to think she is a older female.
    Carma Poodale recently posted…WW- Quil-Aterra Wants a Home!My Profile

  11. Oh how fun! What a great idea!!!!
    I think you can definitely tell with some dogs, but not all. Some are very misleading!
    To me, my huskies are very obvious, but Mika has sometimes been mistaken for a male, so maybe it’s just me….i’ll give this my best shot!
    4,7, and 9 are male. The rest are female?
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  12. Very clever cropping of the photos…
    Mango Momma recently posted…Short Break Becomes Indefinite Leave of AbsenceMy Profile

  13. It annoys Bailey greatly that everyone always thinks he’s a girl. It’s not his fault that his original owners didn’t give him a strong masculine name. He’s been trying to overcome the challenge ever since. We stuck with his name since he was already answering and coming to it when we rescued him as a puppy.

    Katy never gets taken for a boy.
    Bailey recently posted…Whisker Walk 2014My Profile

  14. The last one is male. Do I win? 😉 Is the first one Jasmine? I really can never tell the difference from the front. Ever. I go into people’s homes all the time and photograph their dogs. I call them the wrong gender all the time. It’s so embarrassing.
    Flea recently posted…Dogs and Fruit, FBM 76My Profile

  15. Guessing the correct sex is definitely more art than science. I think we tend to normalize our expectations based on our own pups. Of course Eko looks like a boy to me, but he’s taller/leaner than a lot of Ridgebacks so some people guess he’s a girl. I think I’m pretty good at guessing, but I generally wait for a hint from the human before I go with calling the pup she or he.

  16. OK, how about F, M, F, M, F, M, F, F, M

    BTW, this is something dog fanciers discuss around the show ring. Some breeds have very distinct differences in genders, some not so much. I show German shepherds and there is always discussion about a bitch (female) being to “doggie” and a dog (male) looking to “bitchy”. The joy of mixed breeds is that you never know what you’re going to get. My rottie/shepherd mix, Pepper, was very masculine looking with a deep bark and used to scare the crap out of everybody who didn’t know her. In reality she was a marshmallow.
    Kelley recently posted…Chuck It!My Profile

  17. What fun!

    I find people who don’t know much about goldens think Honey is male. But golden people spot her as female instantly.

    Here are my guesses: 1. F, 2. M, 3. F, 4. M, 5. M, 6. F, 7. M, 8. F, 9.M

    Can’t wait to see the results.
    Pamela recently posted…Work Through The Fear To Get To The FunMy Profile

  18. I guess FMF, MFF, MFM
    I get mistaken for a girl all the time! Too much fluff under my belly perhaps?
    Chewy the Golden recently posted…Weekend Road TripMy Profile

  19. What a fun article! I never thought before to see if I could tell a dogs sex by looking at their face. I am going to give this a try on walks and see what happens. People always think my dogs are males but they are both females. But, being a French Bulldog and an English Bulldog people think they look like males.

  20. After much disagreement, Vlad and Barkly are saying:

  21. I think it depends on the breed too and how familiar people are with it. Storm has been mistaken for a male many times, yet I think her delicate face looks very feminine. Fun contest you are running. 🙂
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Ins And OutsMy Profile

  22. FMF,MMF,FFM!!!!! 1-9 Love this! Its fun!

  23. I’m not even going to try guessing – I am terrible at this. When I can’t see a dog’s undercarriage, I usually say something like, “Good looking dog” or something generic like that. Since I’m so bad at guessing – it’s why I am pretty forgiving of people mistaking Blueberry for a boy.
    Blueberry’s human recently posted…Pond-tastic!!!My Profile

  24. I don’t look very girly mom thinks I’m a Tomboy. But I do think you can tell some of the time. Don’t ask mom about cats though. Love Dolly
    Dolly the Doxie recently posted…Monday Mischief: Beach DayMy Profile

  25. I think unless you can see their size it is hard to tell, but most humans assume any big dog is male no matter what you do. Poor Katie is fancy, white and wears pink collars and is always thought to be a boy!
    Emma recently posted…Emma Goes Car ShoppingMy Profile

  26. fun fun
    I get caught at work calling the dogs the wrong sex by going by their name, can’t do that anymore as people use boy names for girls and girl names for boys.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Monday Mischief~3 Mischief’s In 1My Profile

  27. One of the first questions I ask when I meet a dog is ‘is your dog a boy or a girl?” unless of course I can clearly see he’s a boy.

    But funny enough I think that some pooches do look particularly feminine or masculine. But then there are some instances when you just have no idea!!

    My guess would be F, M, F, M, M, M, F, F , M

  28. You made me laugh with that last one…it may be the only one I get right!
    1.F 2.M 3.F 4.M 5.F 6.F 7.M 8.F 9.M
    I think Cricket is our dog that most often gets guessed wrong….she has a pretty stocky build and that might be why.
    Jan K recently posted…Monday Mischief – How Does Your Dog Drink?My Profile

  29. That Dude in the suit looks funny, it is a Dude, right? 🙂

    I get mistaken for a girl all the time, its because I walk with Cosmo and he doesn’t have his hair tied up, and I’m a bit smaller than him, so people always think I must be a girl – doh!

    Thankfully Mum sets them straight and tells them the hair thing is just for safety so I don’t bump into stuff!

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

  30. We go through this everyday, people are always calling Harley a “she.” Perhaps it’s because he “prances” when he walks 🙂 I’m not offended – because a lot of people just don’t know.
    Cathy recently posted…WATCH THE PAINT | WORDLESS WEDNESDAYMy Profile

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