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BlogtheChangeToday is “Blog the Change for Animals” day a special event sponsored by Be The Change 4 Animals. It’s a day when pet bloggers & pet lovers come together and blog about animal causes that are near & dear to them in an effort to raise awareness and support for their cause.

We write about pet health & fitness most of the time here at SlimDoggy, but today, in honor of Blog the Change we’re going to write about another cause that is near & dear to us and that is senior dogs. We’ve had senior dogs in our household since 2003 when our chocolate lab Sally turned eight. Since then our senior family has included:

  • Tino – rescued at age 1 and lived to 14.5
  • Becca – adopted at age 9 and lived to age twelve
  • Jack – adopted at age 8
  • Maggie – adopted at age 8

As you can see, we’ve had quite a senior line-up and will undoubtedly adopt seniors from now on. Senior dogs are usually the last ones picked in the shelter and are typically very hard to place. Maybe folks are worried about the medical expenses or of losing them too soon or just the grey whiskers, I don’t know, but it’s a fact that they are harder to place.

Our first senior, Sweet Sally Brown, age 12

Our first senior, Sweet Sally Brown, age 12

But senior dogs have so many benefits over younger dogs or puppies.

  • They love quiet walks on the beach
  • The love relaxing before a warm fire
  • Raining? no problem, we can stay in
  • No more chewing your shoes
  • No more counter-surfing
  • No more dragging you down the street on your walks

Seniors are just better behaved. Sure, they might have a bit more baggage, but doesn’t everyone as you get older. But what comes with that baggage is a great capacity for love, and the love they have to give is unconditional, the wisdom and gentleness in their eyes is deep and gracious. They are so thankful to just be fed regularly, have a few nice walks, a warm bed and maybe a few snuggles.

As you know, we have also been nominated for DogTime Media’s Pettie Award for Best Mobile Phone App. We are also happy to announce the beneficiary of our $1,000 award money if we win the Petties Award.


That beneficiary will be LABRADORS + FRIENDS DOG RESCUE of San Diego. This organization has created a special fund called the Agnes Fund that is earmarked for helping senior pets find their forever homes. The fund was created in honor of a wonderful senior turned into the rescue who found her forever home even at her advanced age. You can read about the fund here.

Of course we have to win the Pettie Award in order to donate the money, so be sure to vote for us everyday in the month of July. Vote HERE.

We’re doing double duty with this post – calling attention to senior dogs and their need to be rescued and calling for your vote for the Best Mobile Phone App Pettie Award so that we can donate the $1,000 prize money to Labradors + Friends Agnes Fund.Β  Please vote for us and, even if we don’t win the Pettie, please consider adopting a Senior the next time you are looking for a new dog to join your family.
Blog the Change Founders Kim Clune and Amy Burkert proudly sponsor Blog the Change.


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  1. Great post. The seniors in rescue break my heart the most.
    Sue at Talking Dogs recently posted…Blog the Change: Ban Horse Slaughter in the USMy Profile

  2. My sister is an 11 yr old senior and she rocks! We can’t imagine how someone could take a senior dog to a shelter. That is just the absolute lowest! Mom often tells us the world would be a great place if many of the people were not in it…sometimes she might be right. So very sad!
    emma recently posted…Full House | GBGV | Mischief MondayMy Profile

    • Katie does rock! We love you to Emma, but Katie’s a gorgeous ‘cougar’ πŸ˜‰
      mkob recently posted…Blog the Change for SeniorsMy Profile

  3. Senior doggies ROCK! (especially senior labbies!) A lot of my furiends are seniors, and mom and dad have a special place in their hearts for seniors. Whenever daddy sees a doggie with a grey muzzle, he says “hello old timer” in a sweet voice and gives them some nice ear scratches.

    Garth Riley recently posted…FitDog Friday – GREAT Places to Walk: Beaufort, South CarolinaMy Profile

  4. p.s. – we’ve been voting for you every day we can remember. Best of luck and we hope you win a donation to lab rescue!
    Garth Riley recently posted…FitDog Friday – GREAT Places to Walk: Beaufort, South CarolinaMy Profile

  5. Thanks for the great post about senior dogs. I voted for you!
    Amy recently posted…Can You Comment On This?My Profile

  6. Older dogs in the shelter where I volunteer just break my heart. Most have been surrendered by people going into nursing homes which also breaks my heart. Why can’t there be places for senior citizens to go with their senior dogs? We’re off the vote for you.
    jan recently posted…And speaking of Freud, what if other dog breeds had Poodle envy?My Profile

    • Thanks for the vote. My retirement goal is a shelter specifically for seniors…hopefully sooner rather than later!
      mkob recently posted…Blog the Change for SeniorsMy Profile

  7. My two Golden Girls — Callie and Shadow — are seniors, at 9 & 8-1/2. They both have mild-to-moderate hip dysplasia, so move a bit slower than they used to at times. Seems like this very wet summer has so far been harder on them than even the cold, fairly dry winter. But they’re both troopers and don’t want us helping them any more than necessary. Being only 5 years away from “senior citizen” status myself, I understand their need for some independence! And I would adopt another senior Golden Retriever right now if we had the physical space and finances to support a 4th dog. (I learned of one over the weekend that needs a new home, and it breaks my heart to not be able to take her myself.)

    • Dogs truly do love their independence don’t they – best of luck with your girls and thanks for stopping by.
      mkob recently posted…Blog the Change for SeniorsMy Profile

  8. So, I did not know about this blog hop and love the idea for change. I did linked up today because like you the cause of senior dogs is very near and dear to my heart, and I happened to write about that today on my blog! Im thinking it was fate! I love senior dogs and I am in the process of adopting a 10 yr. old Wheaten. I cannot wait to bring him into our little family!
    Marie Angelique recently posted…The Gift of Rescuing Senior DogsMy Profile

    • Great coincidence! Seniors are the absolute best – so glad you are giving that little guy a home!
      mkob recently posted…Blog the Change for SeniorsMy Profile

  9. Our last dog, Shadow was 9 when we adopted her. Unfortunately, cancer cut her life short and we had less than 2 years together. But I never regretted a moment from the time we brought her home.

    Having a mature dog was so wonderful that I feel very lucky that Honey turned out to be a mellow girl. If she had been a rambunctious puppy I would have gone crazy.

    Yep, senior dogs are the best!
    Pamela recently posted…Puppy Mills Harm People Who Hate Dogs – Blog the Change 4 AnimalsMy Profile

  10. Great post! We had Sugar until he was 15 years old, blind and wearing diapers. Seniors still rock the unconditional love!

    • That’s what they make doggie diapers for! For those great seniors.
      mkob recently posted…Blog the Change for SeniorsMy Profile

  11. Great post! I’ve been voting for you and hoping you win. I love Senior dogs for all the reasons you listed. I have 2 senior dogs. Norman is 12.5 and he is so easy to care for, I don’t ever worry about anything with him. Nellie his daughter is just as easy at age 9. I can leave them run loose in the house and don’t have to worry about anything unlike if I would leave my 26 month gman out and about I would come home to destruction. More people need to adopt seniors.
    joann stancer recently posted…Monday Mischief ~Gman & The RugMy Profile

    • Absolutely – destruction is a thing of the past. It amazes me sometimes the thing I used to worry about and now don’t even cross my mind. Thanks for the votes – appreciate it. How’s Norman doing?
      mkob recently posted…Blog the Change for SeniorsMy Profile

  12. You have such a big heart to adopt seniors. I wanted to get this older dog that was at the shelter where I volunteer, but the hubs said it would be too sad to only have her for a short while (she was 15! But in great shape!). Senior dogs are an awesome option for lots of folks! Luckily, when we do get seniors at the shelter I go to, they seem to get adopted out pretty quickly. (Even quicker than the middle-aged 5 yr olds and what not.) So, there must be more angels out there like you guys who specifically look for seniors. (And, yes, it’s the saddest thing ever when we get a senior dog in whose owner had to go to a nursing home. I feel so badly for both of them!)
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…Blog the Change for Animals: Well Done, San Diego!My Profile

    • It is tough to have them for such a short time, I agree, but I think they more than make up for it in love & gratitude. It just feels right to help them and they appreciate it sooo very much. Glad to hear that your seniors are finding homes.
      mkob recently posted…Blog the Change for SeniorsMy Profile

  13. Senior dogs have so very much to offer and they ask so little…Those sweet faces that don’t understand where their home went just touch my heart…Bless you for opening your lives to seniors
    GizmoGeodog recently posted…Monday Mischief–You Stole My Nip & Bones Platypus!My Profile

  14. I could not agree more, and I also wrote once about the joys of senior pets. We did not get our pets as seniors, and our first two dogs did not live long enough to be seniors. So we are just experiencing it now, with two almost 9 year olds and one almost 13 year old. Now that we know, we would not hesitate to adopt a senior. In fact, I am sure at least some of our future dogs will be adopted as seniors.
    I will continue to vote for you in the Petties, that Agnes Fund really sounds great!
    Jan K recently posted…Blog the Change for Animals – A Call To ArmsMy Profile

  15. I know that someday we will adopt a senior dog too. I’m waiting for our youngsters to mature a little more πŸ™‚ – I look forward to the day when we can have FIVE dogs. That sounds like heaven and like I’ll be working from home LOL
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted…Spending the Day with Friends and Dog Lovers at PoochapaloozaMy Profile

  16. Thank you for participating in Blog the Change Day. I agree senior dogs rock, although Zora (who is 10-years-old) still counter surfs and pulls me down the street. But in general, you DO have a lot less issues when adopting a senior dog. Best of luck with the Petties!
    Vicki Cook recently posted…National Pet Fire Safety DayMy Profile

  17. Aww, I love senior dogs. And nothing is more sad than seeing those wise eyes looking at your through the kennel doors of a shelter….

    If anyone is in OR, one great senior dog rescue is πŸ™‚
    Champ’s Mom recently posted…Blog the Change!My Profile

  18. Great post! Congrats for the Pettie nomination and kudos for raising awareness for the need seniors dogs (and cats and other pets too) have for finding good forever homes.
    Bethany recently posted…When the Circus Comes to TownMy Profile

  19. What a wonderful post! Seniors are simply the best. I personally will never adopt another puppy. Adult and senior dogs are the way to go! Our hound, Willa, was estimated to be about seven or eight when we adopted her. I love my old lady! Thank you for bringing attention to our seniors! They deserve it πŸ™‚
    Laura recently posted…Topaz Goes to her Forever Family!My Profile

  20. I’ve been voting for you!
    Misaki recently posted…Keeping coolMy Profile

  21. What a great idea writing about Senior dogs, your Sweet Sally was beautiful. Their kisses and cuddles are sweeter, aren’t they?
    Jodi recently posted…Little Lady No NameMy Profile

  22. Love senior dogs. I wish shelters did mote outreach to pair senior citizens with senior dogs and cats. πŸ™‚
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Trying To Feel CoolerMy Profile

  23. Oh, those seniors… they just steal your heart. All it takes is a single glance that says “come scratch my head” and I melt. No pouncing. No ruckus. Seniors are just a sweet sack of love. Thank you for making their golden years priceless.

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