Are Dogs Color Blind?

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For the longest time, I was under the impression that dogs were color blind and saw only “black or white” (or grey).  Here is a nice recap of how it really is.

Specifically, the author says that “Your dog sees mostly blues, yellows and grays with reds, greens and oranges typically not being distinguishable to your pooch. Instead, they may appear more blue, yellow or dark gray.”  Great info to know and could explain why SlimDoggy Jack seems to be more intrigued by the yellow colored toys that we have.  I wonder what color he thinks the t-bone steak is. He sure is intrigued with that.

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  1. We have a nice, roomy back yard where our dog Kylie loves to play. I didn’t realize that she sees these colors – now I’ll be sure to buy her yellow and blue toys – I’m sure her play will be more fulfilling and as a result she’ll get even more exercise!
    Thank you!

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