Answers to Male Dog or Female Dog Contest

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Here’s the answers for the contest. Our winner is CHEWY from It’s Chewy Time. Good Job Chewy, you guessed every single one correct! Our friends Vlad & Barkley also got them all right, but Chewy was first. But congrats to them too!


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  1. I got five out of nine 🙂 Fun little guessing game!
    Lindsay recently posted…How to manage a dog’s tennis ball obsessionMy Profile

  2. Wow, I got all but 1 right. I’m amazed that it appears easier to tell males from females than I might have expected. Of course, you could do a similar contest in week and I’d probably get all but 1 wrong. 🙂
    Pamela recently posted…Words Only Dog People KnowMy Profile

  3. Congrats to the winner! This was fun.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Thursday’s Barks And BytesMy Profile

  4. wow congrats Chewy! I sadly was wrong … maybe that’s the reason that I’m still songle lol
    easy rider recently posted…easyblog WACKIEZ WEDZNEZDAYZMy Profile

  5. Yay for Chewy!! I think I might have gotten them all right too, though? It was fun anyway!
    Jan K recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – Decals & GraphicsMy Profile

    • Oops – you DID get them all right too…but Chewy was the first. Sorry. I’m going to do it again.
      mkob recently posted…Take Your Dog to Work DayMy Profile

  6. Congrats to the winner!
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…It’s About TimeMy Profile

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