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fitDogFriday_180x150This week we have a very special announcement to make for our FitDog Friday post.  Tomorrow is the official launch of our new “PetsMove” program ( .   Like the First Lady, Michelle Obama’s childhood obesity awareness program “Let’s Move”, our “PetsMove” initiative aims to wake up pet owners, get them up off their sofa and get on the MOVE with their pets!  We want both the pet owner and their pet to get and stay active, fit and healthy. is a collaboration between SlimDoggy, Dr. Katy Nelson, veterinarian, animal health reporter,  and host of The Pet Show on Washington DC’s ABC affiliate and Krista Wickens, CEO of PetZen Products and creator of DogTread and other canine fitness products.

Approximately 60% of pets and their humans have a weight problem in this country.  It is costly to have an overfed, under exercised pet both in terms of dollars and the pet’s life span and quality of life.  Many people know this but they lack motivation or they just don’t know how to get started or what they should do.  With, we have created a site with some great tools to help people along their way to improving their pets health.  Unlike other dog/pet events, which are usually one-time events, is an ongoing initiative because we want people to realize that being active and achieving an optimal weight, for their pet or for themselves, is NOT a one off goal, but rather a daily approach to fitness and nutrition.

Why should you become a PetsMove member? PetsMove_icon

Three reasons: time, money and prizes.

  1. PetsMove gives pet owners more TIME with their pets. A lean dog will live on average 2 years longer than an overweight dog.  Pet owners can use the information learned at PetsMove to get or keep their pet fit and hopefully extend their lifespan.  Who doesn’t want more time with their beloved dog?
  2. PetsMove saves the pet owners MONEY.  Overweight dogs cost the owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year in extra food, medical care & prescription medication.
  3. Fun and Prizes!   There will be numerous fun, healthy & useful prizes given away each month to active PetsMove members.

Features of

There are many great features on the website including:

  • An activity and feeding diary for tracking purposes.  We encourage people to track their activities and are awarding “PAWS” based on the activities that your dog does each day.  Collecting PAWS is cool; we will be publishing leader boards for bragging rights and using PAWS to award prizes each month to active (and lucky) pet owners.
  • Social networking and community tools to encourage members to share tips and other insights.  You can become friends with fellow members and join or even start your own groups.  Some people are creating groups to find local members to workout with.  Others are creating groups to act as a ‘team’ (we will be working on ways to report on team “PAWS collecting” performance.)
  • Fun activities to do with your pet. All of our members will be sharing their goals, plans, ideas for getting fit and healthy with their pets. You can learn lots of new games, exercises and outings to do with your pets.


Get on TV!

We are also pleased to announce a YouTube video submission contest.  We are looking for a 3 minute (or less) video of you and your pet showing or telling us why you are participating in PetsMove and why you are committed to sticking with the program.  Winners will receive a special bonus package including a custom exercise program and feeding analysis and one lucky winner will be featured on The Pet Show with Dr. Katy Nelson.  Go to the site to register and submit your YouTube video.

Please check out starting tomorrow and become a member.  Your dog (and your body) will thank you for it and you may even win some cool prizes while you are at it.



fitDogFriday_avatarPlease enjoy our FitDog Friday Blog Hop brought to you by SlimDoggy and our co-hosts Peggy’s Pet Place and To Dog With Love. Join the Hop or just enjoy the links below – lots of fun fitness tips and advice!

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  1. Hi Y’all!
    Gee, my Human always thought people had dogs to “do stuff with them”. My main job is to get my Humans away from their desks and out into the wondrous world of Nature! Oh, and the workout stuff? It can be a good way to spend time teaching your human obedience…but you gotta let them think they’re teachin’ YOU!
    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog
    Hawk aka BrownDog recently posted…Fun, Follow Up, Fitness in a Beautiful WorldMy Profile

  2. Great new program – congratulations! Sharing.
    Sue at Talking Dogs recently posted…Dog Auctions – A Source of Brucellosis?My Profile

    • Thanks Sue. Hoping we can inspire some pet people and make a difference.
      steve recently posted…Announcing PetsMove.orgMy Profile

  3. Awesome program! Congrats on the launch!
    Your pals,
    Diane and Rocco
    Diane recently posted…How to Get Started in Dog AgilityMy Profile

  4. Great idea guys. Love the concept. Hope it gets a few more dogs & owners active & having fun together……
    Paws and Pedals (Kate & Scooter) recently posted…Not another Dieting Book!! – How my Dog & I made it into a BookMy Profile

  5. Just got 1 more comment. Have been trying to comment on some of the other bloggers pages but for some reason I can never use ‘open ID’ when people operate on the ‘Blogger’ platform. And unfortunately I’m not signed up to Google+ & all the other options. Very frustrating as I’ve tried to comment on Garth Rileys blog & the Tenacious Terrier post….What am I doing wrong????
    Paws and Pedals (Kate & Scooter) recently posted…Not another Dieting Book!! – How my Dog & I made it into a BookMy Profile

    • I don’t know – I use my google account as my ID on Blogger sites…maybe you’ll just have to get one?? Or maybe someone else has some advice.
      mkob recently posted…Announcing PetsMove.orgMy Profile

  6. Wow! Congrats on the new initiative! I can’t wait to check it out and pass it along!
    Maggie recently posted…Kanine Kitchen Review and Giveaway: These treats are amazing!My Profile

  7. This is so exciting! I’ll do my video this weekend and I can’t wait to get my team together! Let’s get moving!!!
    Kimberly Gauthier recently posted…Dog Poop Happens | The Crappy Reality of Being a Dog Mom #LetsTalkBumsMy Profile

    • I think we might have a few teams up in your neck of the woods – will make for a great competition! Anxious to see the video of the crew!
      mkob recently posted…Announcing PetsMove.orgMy Profile

  8. Congratulations! This is definitely something Kelly, Ike and I can get behind! We’ll look into a team…I have a friend with a Shepherd, a Great Dane and a pug. With Kelly and Ike included, I’d say we’d be off to a good start!
    Peggy Frezon recently posted…Ike’s Graduation…and Fun & Furry, Fit & Healthy Tour Stop #2My Profile

    • That sounds like a great team – every shape and size!
      mkob recently posted…Announcing PetsMove.orgMy Profile

  9. Congrats on the new launch! What a GREAT idea! Maybe it will get my lazy butt motivated! I will DEFINITELY check it out tomorrow! I’m going to share this on my FB page, too.

    • Great – we hope it gets everyone motivated. Everything is always easier when you have some friends to do it with!
      mkob recently posted…Announcing PetsMove.orgMy Profile

  10. Nice post and I like the logo!
    emma recently posted…Lake Harriet | GBGV | {This Moment} See BeautifulMy Profile

    • Thanks Emma – hope to see you and your new little sister Bailie over there joining the fun. Big responsibility being a big sister 😉
      mkob recently posted…Announcing PetsMove.orgMy Profile

  11. Glad to be part of the new gig! Thanks for the invite!
    Bren recently posted…Sometimes You Might Have A Little SetbackMy Profile

  12. Thanks Steve, for all your hard work to help get this launched and for bringing this together. We are so excited to be working with you and Dr. Katy. Can’t wait to see the taping! Hard to believe this all started less than 5 months ago 🙂

  13. What time does the show air on ABC affiliate Saturday – maybe post for readers?
    DogTread recently posted…Pets Move:11 Amazing Ways Exercise Helps DogsMy Profile

  14. Good for you! What an exciting new venture. Can’t wait to check out the site!!
    Jodi recently posted…Follow-Up Friday – September 13, 2013My Profile

    • We are pretty excited and hope that you join in the fun!
      mkob recently posted…Announcing PetsMove.orgMy Profile

  15. Maybe I’m missing something somewhere, but do you need to sign up separately for each dog? Or can Vlad & Barkly be signed up from the same registration?

    • They can be signed up under the same registration – but you can have multiple dogs. Once you have Registered – do to the My Dogs Link and you can add as many dogs as you’d like.
      mkob recently posted…Announcing PetsMove.orgMy Profile

  16. Love this program! Gizmo signed up right away and we’ve made some entries…now we’re ready to get a team together…It’s called “Adventure Dogs”…come find us on PetsMove, ‘friend’ us and join our group! Now we’ve got to work on that video entry 🙂
    GizmoGeodog recently posted…Paddleboarding for Fit Dog FridayMy Profile

    • And SlimDoggy just joined up Gizmo! Looking forward to our group activities! Geocaching here we come??
      mkob recently posted…Announcing PetsMove.orgMy Profile

  17. Woohoo- Congrats! Can’t wait. Such a great program.

  18. Congrats on the new site. The program sounds great!
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Follow-up Friday 9-13-13My Profile

  19. Congratulations! Hope you can post a clip when the show launches.

  20. Love this and so excited to be a part of it! There are going to be a few teams in Cascadia but we need all the inspiration we can to get out and move when the weather gets cold and wet….
    Bethany recently posted…Fitting In Fit Dog TimeMy Profile

    • You guys are all an inspiration for staying so fit even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. We live in sunny SoCal, so it makes it much more pleasant – kudos to you! So glad you are joining us.
      mkob recently posted…Announcing PetsMove.orgMy Profile

  21. This is awesome and count me in to participate.
    Carol Bryant recently posted…Obsessed Twitter Fan Believed to Have Killed DogMy Profile

  22. Whoo hoo how great for you guys lauching this new site. Congrats.
    joann stancer recently posted…Black And White SundayMy Profile

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