Alarming Pet Obesity Facts

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We started SlimDoggy about 18 months ago with the mission to raise awareness to the growing problem of pet obesity. The statistics on pet obesity are staggering. Over 53% of dogs and 57% of cats are overweight. We talk a lot about exercise and how it improves your dogs quality of life, and their life span but it is also essential in warding off obesity.
But more critical is what you put inside your dog, what food AND treats you feed them. You don’t have to feed raw food, you don’t have to feed expensive food, you just need to read the label and feed the best food you can afford. One of the reasons we created our food database was to make it easier for you to find the right food. You can use the database to search for ingredients or to search for foods without certain ingredients. We added the food rating to help make it easier for you to determine whether the food is ‘good’ or not so good.
Please, make use of the database, tell your friends and neighbors there is a source for them to use to find the right food and let’s really make a dent in the pet obesity problem this year.

In this video we filmed for eHow, we review some of the more alarming statistics and health problems resulting from pet obesity:

Alarming Pet Obesity Facts — powered by ehow


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  1. Thanks for sharing. Our Vet has us measure the food every day and the dogs have stayed within their weigh requirements.
    Bailey recently posted…Bailey’s FootMy Profile

  2. I love hearing Steve say “fat pets”. Off to share the database with friends! Thank you!
    Flea recently posted…4 Ways to Keep Your Dog CoolMy Profile

  3. The statistics are so disheartening. Two years! That is so much, way too much. Anyone who has lost a dog would give anything for another two years, and certainly wouldn’t consciously make a choice to shorten their dogs lives by that much….that is really a great thing to point out to people with overweight pets. I also love how Steve points out that it’s a human problem….pets don’t get that way on their own!
    Jan K recently posted…Tuesday’s Tails – Meet Tsunami, A Beagle MixMy Profile

  4. Great post, I was leaving my daughter’s house a week or so ago when I saw a woman walking the biggest chocolate lab I had ever seen. I felt so bad for that dog, how can a dog enjoy being a dog when they are so big they can barely walk, let alone run. I ‘m hoping I was encountering their ‘take it off’ tour. 🙂

    Thank you for joining the blog hop!
    Jodi recently posted…Things Aren’t Always What They Seem to BeMy Profile

  5. I smiled when Steve said “fat pets” as well.

    It is incredible how many people allow their pets to be overweight. Sure, there may be some medical conditions where it’s difficult to keep them lean, but for the most part it’s owners who are not taking action.
    Lindsay recently posted…Update: 14-year-old, deaf pitbull needs your help finding a homeMy Profile

    • Exactly, it’s on the owners who don’t pay attention to what they are feeding or equate food with love…it’s on them.
      mkob recently posted…Alarming Pet Obesity FactsMy Profile

  6. Fat pets are exactly what this country has, and many have fat owners to match. If people made a deal with their pets to eat better and exercise both would be so much better off! There are exceptions where it can’t be helped, but most of the time it is just plain laziness. Great video! I am going to share this post!
    Emma recently posted…How the #BestDogEver is Enjoying the Pawsome WeatherMy Profile

    • We know how healthy you are Emma, thanks to your mom. Glad you’re going to share, hopefully we can get the word out and help those chubby puppies.
      mkob recently posted…Alarming Pet Obesity FactsMy Profile

  7. Great resource! We also measure our pets food everyday and read labels. I think the quality of the food we feed our dogs is so important, we are what we eat!
    Mark at DBDT recently posted…Take Your Walk for a Dog & Raise Money for a ShelterMy Profile

  8. Back when we had to change Freighter’s food, I used your database, (I think you had it on the sidebar at the time). It was extremely helpful. 🙂
    2 brown dawgs recently posted…Thursday Barks And Bytes–Should We Consider Building An Ark?My Profile

  9. I’m always amazed at how many overweight dogs there are and how many owners don’t believe their dog is overweight. I met a family with a pyr and they told me he was 180 pounds. No pyr should ever be 180 pounds. They told me he was just “thick” and a “big boy”. When I finally got the chance to meet him, I felt around for his ribs. They were no where to be found! Poor pup was extremely overweight and his owners didn’t want to hear it.
    Kelsie recently posted…How to Help a Dog with Separation AnxietyMy Profile

    • I know, we see it all the time. Some owners are kind of brainwashed by their own ideas “thick”…baloney. “Fat” is more like it. It’s too bad because they are shortening their dogs life span. Jack may not be happy I don’t feed him treats all day, but I’d rather have him around a few more years!
      mkob recently posted…Alarming Pet Obesity FactsMy Profile

  10. Thank you for the food database and food rating, it will be very useful to dog owners. Dog owners also need to take their dogs’ activity level into consideration. Obesity in dogs could lead to liver disease, heart disease, early aging, high blood pressure and other preventable diseases – so to all dog owners out there, please manage your dog’s weight!
    Shelly recently posted…The Puppy Mill Survivor; RehabilitationMy Profile

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