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About Us
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Our team consists of experienced techies as well as dog and fitness fanatics. We have been involved with dog rescues for many years and are committing to using the SlimDoggy brand to assist pet focused charitable organizations while we work to solve the pet obesity problem.

Our Team

Steve – Founder, CEO

Professionally, I have been in the software business since 1998 and have founded and run an advertising technology company with several

Steve & Jack

Steve & Jack

million dollars in annual recurring revenue.  Prior to that I was a derivatives trader/portfolio manager.  I started my career as an Economist at the Reagan White House.

Personally, I am both a fitness buff and a dog lover. Over the years I have ‘combined’ the two so that my dogs have always been properly exercised and thus, at proper weight and well behaved. My family has been very involved helping out local dog rescue organizations. We have rescued several dogs over the past years, fostered many others, and have donated money and time to help these great organizations.


Dmytro – Vice President Productdp

Soul of entrepreneur with fatal attraction to innovation. My goal is to build a product which could change the world for the better!

And I’m not kidding. I am an experienced, (often) coherent, delivery focused Project Manager with Business Analysis and UX expertise.  I cover the full project lifecycle including project planning, requirements gathering and requirements management, budget planning, staffing and delivery. Life is More than Work! When I’m not swimming in the water of project management and business analysis I like to:

1. Crossfit 2. Jog/Run 3. Rollerblade 4. Travel 5. Cook (and eat) healthy food.


Kate – Vice President, Operations and Marketing 

As a child, I was around dogs all of the time. We lived on a farm and my grandfather bred and raised collies and ran a boarding kennel. We always had tons of dogs around. Unfortunately, as I got older, my brother and I both developed severe allergies to dog dander, so we had to close the kennel and rehome our collies. We of course were heart broken. Luckily, I outgrew the allergies and were able to have dogs around me again.

Kate and Jack

Kate and Jack

I’ve raised a couple of labs from puppyhood and even bred our first lab many years ago. While it was great fun, I realized that everyone wants puppies, but it’s the older, seniors that have a hard time finding homes, so all of our dogs over the last several years have come from local rescue organization…and all of them have been over eight years old. What a rewarding experience it has been and one of the reasons we are so intent at SlimDoggy to give back to the rescue community.

I also know from experience the importance of exercise to the overall well being of a dog. None of our dogs has ever been destructive, a barker or troublemaker and I am convinced that’s because they get ample exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, it’s a hassle sometimes, but having a healthy and happy dog in our lives is worth it. Plus, it helps ME stay happy and healthy too!



Nick – Senior Engineer

I really got into dogs after my elder brother was bitten by one. (Sounds funny doesn’t it?) We were just little kids back then. Nick2Though my brother still wears a scar on his left hand, he loves doggies and often plays with Roger, the old in age, but the puppy in heart pet of our parents. I really enjoy taking walks with this little fellow; you can never get bored with him, pure energy in the flesh!

I strongly believe that good health doesn’t come from pills or cosmetic procedures. Rather, it is a result of healthy eating and regular physical activity. I’ve been practicing martial arts for six years and daily push-ups are part of my regimen to stay fit. Interestingly, I can’t even remember the last time I had a flu or running nose! I believe that for many people, the best motivation for jogging and staying in shape can be their pet, who can be the best training partner in the world. So keep your pet fit and stay fit yourself!

Professionally, I’m an iPhone/Mac developer, and really enjoy my work and love working with the SlimDoggy team. As long as Helen isn’t upset with me!




Helen – Quality Assurance

The biggest value in my life is my family.  It just so happened that when I was growing up, dogs were a big part of my family! I learned from a lot from them– they taught me faithfulness, honesty, and the ability to enjoy life.   I’m a ‘pit bull’ about quality assurance, single minded and focused, and demanding high quality but with a calm demeanor.  Most of the time, the developers are not afraid of my bark, but they are wary of my bite.

I like foreign languages and teaching German.  Friends, traveling, sport, and education make my life brighter and happier.


Terri – Vice-President, Food Curation


Terri  helps build our brand and is working on a new feature – a resource library of important pet related blogs & articles from across the web.  This will be the place to go for all kinds of information about dogs and pets.

Terri is a math teacher, a mom and grandmom and enjoys reading & knitting. She’s a big Yoga fan and responsible for teaching SlimDoggy proper downward dog.




Terry- Software Architect <bio coming>


Iggy- Software Engineer <bio coming>


Alex- Software Engineer <bio coming>


Daniel- UX/UI <bio coming>

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  1. Hi Slim Doggy!
    It appears I am in great company, as Mommy believes strongly in keeping me at my perfect weight of 12.8-13lbs. She is very serious about my health (and hers)…plus she is a software tester in her day job. Me and everything doggie she does the rest of the time.
    We are very excited to meet you at Blog Paws. Just look for me being carried around in a black harness carrier attached to my Mommy…and I hope to see you around the blogosphere before then too!
    Pixel Blue Eyes recently posted…The Joy of Adventure – Pixel Tries her Paw at Being a SurvivalistMy Profile

    • Look forward to it too!

  2. Hi, I am the sales manager for GoPetUSA a manufacturer, distributor, and dealer of pet exercise equipment. I also run Fit Pet 4 Life with my wife which is a dog exercising business. In December of 2012 when I passed my NETA personal fitness cert I started adding people and dog fitness classes in local parks. I wanted to introduce myself and get to know your team. I think you are doing a great job with promoting canine fitness and health and if I can contribute in anyway please let me know how I can help. Barry Ravegum

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