SlimDoggy Widget – Dog Calories and Food Ingredients

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Ever wonder how many calories your dog burns? Or what exactly is in your dog’s food? Wonder no more! Use our Widget to answer these questions and more.

Want to have this and more info at your fingertips? Download the SlimDoggy iPhone App (click here).

Use the widget to:

  1. Estimate your dog’s daily calorie requirements so you can feed them the proper servings.
  2. Look up a dog food in our extensive dog food database to learn about its calorie count, ingredients, and, of course the SlimDoggy Food Ranking.


Publishers and Bloggers

Are you a Publisher or Blogger? Click on the “Get Widget” button, grab the widget code, add it to your sidebar and you can provide this awesome tool on your site to your readers!

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  1. This is great!! We are going to add this badge & place little sister Trixie on a weight loss program!!!
    Christine & Riley recently posted…Wordless Wednesday – 5/22 What?My Profile

    • Thanks! Please spread the word.

      Trixie- summer bikini season is fast approaching. Time to lose a few lbs!

  2. I have an Android phone, not at iPhone, so I can’t get the SlimDoggy app 🙁 I like this widget, but I wish it included a goal weight field. One of my sweet ones needs to lose weight, and I don’t know if the calorie needs produced by the widget are taking into account that that she needs to lose, not maintain her current weight. Advice?
    Pam recently posted…Tuesday’s Tails: Featuring HanaMy Profile

    • Hi Pam. Great question. While we build the Android version I recommend using the widget and inputting your dog’s target weight into the calculator. This will provide you with a realistic estimate. But that is only step 1. Step 2 is to use 75-85% of this value as the feeding target which is a vet recommended strategy for a safe weight loss approach. We do all of this in the App of course.
      steve recently posted…Wordless Wednesday 6-12-13My Profile

      • Terrific, thanks! I can handle that. Looking forward to the app for Android.

  3. Sorry to sound so dumb, but how do I get the widget to work on my blog? I use WordPress, but I can’t figure out what type or category of widget yours fits into. I tried using the “text” widget, but it doesn’t work.
    Callie, Shadow, and Ducky’s Mom recently posted…Pet Obesity Awareness DayMy Profile

  4. Your app is amazing but I wish you could figure out and add the calories for individual ingredients like a cup of applesauce, etc. for those who make their own food and treats.

    • Do you add them by hand now? We would love to add human foods so that home cooks could get a better handle on calories. We will look into what this will take from a software development perspective. If there are lists publicly available (through APIs), all the better!
      steve recently posted…Dog Food Ingredients A to Z: JicamaMy Profile

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