A Better Way to Buy Dog Food?

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petbrosia3We had the pleasure of interviewing Keith Johnson, Founder and CEO of Petbrosia, a new company that is changing the way people shop for dog food.


Petbrosia, which was founded in July 2012 and recently opened their website for business, lets dog owners order custom made food blends based on their dog’s age, breed, and activity level.

The service can automatically send you refills and will adjust your formula as your dog ages and their nutrition requirements change through their lifetime.

According to Keith, Petbrosia uses high-quality ingredients that are sourced from the US.  Their proteins are anti-biotic and hormone free and although technically not ‘grain free’, they do not contain corn soy or wheat and choose healthier options for the starch component of their food.

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Petbrosia Profile

Petbrosia Profile

petbrosia.com to claim your discount. (We receive no compensation for this).

Below are excerpts from the interview.

Q (slimdoggy): How did you come up with the idea for Petbrosia?

A (Keith): I have been in the pet food industry and my wife is a vet.  In 2009, we adopted two Jack Russel-mix litter mates, Micky and Rosie.  We noticed that although they were siblings, their activity levels and builds were a lot different.  Micky was larger and slower– he could eat a lot and it would show. Rosie was fast, extremely active and very thin; we never seemed to be able to put an weight on her.   As my wife and I observed the differences between these two siblings, we had an Ah Ha moment and realized that mass-produced food, a one size fits all approach, was a thing of the past.

Q: Rosie seems like an anomaly- more than 1/2 of your dogs are overweight.

A: Yes!  There are a lot of overweight dogs in our country. We believe that the one size fits all food “mentality” is partly responsible for this.  I don’t think that pet owners realize that leaner dogs will live longer more high quality lives.  The Purina study, which you have written about in the past, shows that lean litter mates can live almost 2 years longer than their chunky siblings.

Q: Tell us more about your ingredients and overall food philosophy.

A: We really try to keep out ingredient lists as simple as possible.  This means that our food is high in protein and each formula contains a single protein (e.g. chicken is the only protein in our chicken formulas).  We also use brown rice as a starch which we believe is far better than corn, soy, and wheat that are so prevalent in other commercial brands.  We are also creating blends that contain Peas, Navy Beans, and Chick Peas as alternatives to the cheaper lower quality carbohydrates.

Q: Where can people order your food?

A: We are online only at petbrosia.com  Each order is custom blended.  Our food is fresh and does not sit on a pallet in a warehouse somewhere waiting to be sold.

Q: Made to order.  Sounds pretty cool.  And expensive.

A: Yes, our food is expensive relative to most other brands.  Number one, we blend to order, so we don’t achieve economies of scale with our food production.  But you do receive a fresh and customized food product for your pet that is well worth the extra cost.  Number two, our ingredients are of the highest quality thus, more expensive than the standard quality ingredients.  Our kibble is softer and puffier than other brands and dogs will find it east to eat and potentially more filling than ‘denser’ kibble.

Q: Thanks for the info Keith and good luck.

A: Thanks.



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