5 Reasons TO Get a Dog

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A few weeks ago, we wrote a post on 5 Reasons NOT to Get a Dog. It generated some good conversation and hopefully, if the right people read it, they will think twice about their decision before jumping into dog ownership.

Thinking about reasons to get a dog is much easier. Sometimes, all you have to do is see that Sarah McLachlan commercial on TV, or a YouTube video of some cute puppies and it’s off to the shelter for a dog. But, just as there are good sound reasons not to get a dog, there are good reasons to get a dog. If you are on the fence, let’s take a look at some of those reasons and maybe it will help you decide.

5 reasons to get a dog

5 reasons to get a dog

  • They improve your health. There’s been tons of research published recently on the health benefits of having a pet, from weight control to lowering blood pressure to beating the blues and even early-detection of health issues. There’s also research that shows having a pet can help combat the development of allergies in children!
  • They provide security. You may not have your pet for security purposes, but they provide it nonetheless. Maybe it’s an early warning system or just the intimidation factor of a big dog with a big bark, but there is certainly a level of added security in having a dog.
  • They provide companionship. We all have times when we’re blue or lonely. Maybe our family lives far away, maybe the job sucks and you can’t face another day of it. Many of us turn to our dogs for some good old fashioned unconditional love. It’s what they do best, love us no matter what and keep us company in good times or bad.
  • They make you laugh. They can also make you crazy, but the laughter and joy they bring outweighs the accidents or chewed shoes any day. I mean, this blog hop that we joined today is devoted to the mischief our dogs get into. Their antics keep us smiling, their zest for life and adventure inspires our own and the volume of YouTube videos…well, that alone could keep us laughing for years.
  • They teach us responsibility, selflessness, humility, and countless life lessons. Being responsible for the care and well being of another living creature forces us to consider others needs besides our own. That’s an important lesson for our children to learn. Dogs also teach us humility – having to clean up your dogs poop is pretty humiliating, so doing it is a good life lesson for us all. I learn lessons from our dogs all the time if I take the time to think about it – do you?
    Got another reason to get a dog? Share it with us.

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  1. Mom says we are a lot of work, but the rewards of having all of us far outweigh the work and we keep her happier and healthier!
    Emma recently posted…Maintain Your #PerfectWeight Through A Healthy RoutineMy Profile

  2. That unconditional – no matter what – It will always be there – honest – deep down and real LOVE that they give you and in return teach you how to give!

  3. Why get a dog? They’re cheaper than a therapist. 😉
    –Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats
    Susan and the gang from Life with Dogs and Cats recently posted…Technology and Pets: Your Chance to Win a FroliCat BOLTMy Profile

  4. Endless reasons out there to get a dog! Loved this post!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!
    Jenna,Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady recently posted…The superpowers of a mama dogMy Profile

    • It was tough to keep it to 5, but I figured most of the other ones fell into thees general themes 🙂
      mkob recently posted…5 Reasons TO Get a DogMy Profile

  5. I can’t even begin to imagine my life without a dog. My idea of date night is going to a local shelter and checking out the fur-kids there! 🙂
    Monika recently posted…Reflections on a yearMy Profile

    • Now there’s a fun time…except how do you not come home with one everytime?
      mkob recently posted…5 Reasons TO Get a DogMy Profile

  6. Dogs just make everything better.

  7. Since I really did change mom’s life when she adopted me we agree with all of those reasons! She was pretty miserable before me but now she looks forward to everyday and what we’ll get to do together! Love Dolly
    Dolly the Doxie recently posted…Dogs Plus Easter Egg Hunt = MischiefMy Profile

  8. I can’t imagine how boring and sad my life would be without my dog. They are a lifetime commitment and can be very expensive, but their love is priceless.

  9. Mom says I raise her blood pressure with my antics and that I offer no security because I am just so friendly, BOL! I do well on the other three points, however!

  10. It isn’t easy not taking home every sweet face at the shelter on ‘date night’ but then I realize I don’t have to marry every guy that comes along either. [wink]
    Monika recently posted…Reflections on a yearMy Profile

  11. This may fall under ‘security’ but dogs are great judges of character! If someone gives them the willies, then beware (especially handy when dating :->)
    Leah recently posted…Sick as a DogMy Profile

  12. Great post! I was without a dog for a few short months years ago and life was soooooo boring. Dogs make everything better. They even make bad hair days a non-issue. 😉

  13. Great list of reasons! I’ll add that getting an energetic dog can help you lose weight! I lost 5 lbs when we got Abby – I’d have to take her on LONG, fast walks to wear her out! Keeping her tired was the best way to keep her out of mischief! And my jeans fit really well. 🙂

    But the unconditional love is the best part. 🙂 (And the security. Rita’s a great watch dog! I don’t feel afraid when she’s looking out for me!)
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted…My Dog’s So Weird: Breakfast Mischief (And… A New Title)My Profile

  14. This is a great list of reasons to get a dog. I’d like to add all the love they bring to your life too.
    Sharon Seltzer recently posted…At-Home Rehab Care Books For Pet ParentsMy Profile

  15. Love this post!! 🙂 My dog is my little partner. She keeps me healthy, happy and feeling loved. There is no better feeling than the unconditional love a dog can bring!
    Barkocity recently posted…How To Stop Dog Hair Everywhere!!My Profile

  16. You nailed it with the 5 reasons you listed! I couldn’t imagine not sharing my life with my pups ~ wonder how I ever did it before they came into our lives?!
    Barbara Rivers recently posted…Are Your Dogs As Treat Motivated As Mine?My Profile

  17. I used to not be a dog person but now I can’t imagine not having one!

  18. Those are all the reasons I have a dog. Their unconditional love is amazing.
    Hailey and Zaphod recently posted…Mischief Monday – Bed and Sleep StealerMy Profile

  19. love the life lessons one. Such great reasons to have a dog or two or three. I will always have dogs.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted…Pose A Pet App #RescueRevolution ~A Way To Help Your Local Rescue/ShelterMy Profile

  20. I think you nailed all the reasons I have dogs! I also love that they are companions for my children and teach them responsibility!
    Jen recently posted…They’ve Got It All WrongMy Profile

  21. At the rescue adoption events I often have people complain about the adoption fees. I tell them that the $300 I paid to adopt my big guy was the best money ever spent. He lays with me when I am to sick to get out of bed. He stays close when I need him to help me balance. And he is my protector when we go out for walks. He has gotten both of my boys to sleep in their own beds by staying in their rooms and chasing away the bad dreams too. My boys will say everyone should have a dog, but now that they help at the rescue, they know that not everyone should, but those of us who do are blessed beyond measure!
    Kim M recently posted…Monday Mischief: Dog WrestlingMy Profile

  22. Both your good and bad reasons to get a dog make sense. But over time, I’ve come to think that regardless of whether you got a dog for the best or worst reasons, what really counts is if you end up caring more about your dog’s welfare than anything else.
    Pamela recently posted…You Think You Know A Dog…My Profile

  23. All such great reasons! This ties in with improving your health…but they keep you from being lazy. I would have totally hibernated this winter if not for the dogs!
    Jan K recently posted…Making Each Day CountMy Profile

  24. They help us socialize! On our weekend trip to the beach, we ended up spending an hour with a random stranger and her terrier. Wonderful talk about dogs, cowboys, the environment, Canada, places to travel to, places to move with water. The hour long walk ended with introducing ourselves and a big hug. Doesn’t get much better than that (especially for a lonely introvert like me).

    • It’s great when you make those kind of connections through your dogs. One of my best friends in LA I met through our dogs…20 years later, still friends.
      mkob recently posted…Feeding a Dog for Healthy MusclesMy Profile

  25. All great reasons!
    2 Brown Dawgs recently posted…This Better Be An April Fool’s JokeMy Profile

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